Season 67 Starts
October 27, 2023

by Suzan-Lori Parks

October 27 to December 17, 2023

A darkly comic fable of brotherly love

Topdog/Underdog tells the story of Lincoln and Booth as they struggle with work, women, and abandonment. Lincoln, who works at an arcade as a whiteface Abraham Lincoln impersonator, lives with his brother, Booth. The latter dreams about hitting the big time as a Three-Card Monte hustler, a preoccupation Lincoln once excelled in. They dream and scheme for a better life, while the ghosts of their past haunt them.

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August Wilson's
Joe Turner's Come and Gone

January 12 to March 3, 2024

In 1911, Herald Loomis arrives in Pittsburgh in search of his wife. He is haunted by the memory of bounty hunter Joe Turner, the man who had illegally enslaved him. Loomis is unable to fully embrace or release the past. His search brings him to Seth and Bertha’s boarding house with his young daughter, Zonia, where “conjure man” Bynum shows him that he really is searching for himself.

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Annabella in July
by Richard Strand

March 15 to May 5, 2024

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Vanessa and Brian take a road trip in hopes of reinvigorating a flagging marriage. Lost in the California mountains, they arrive at the restaurant of a ski lodge in the middle of July. The restaurant is open for business although Vanessa and Brian appear to be its only customers. Three locals encountered by the couple – the owner of the lodge, a teenage waitress, and a resident ski-bum with a French accent – recognize Vanessa as their very dear friend Annabella, even though Vanessa’s shy, mousy personality is nothing like the descriptions of the amazing, vivacious and magical Annabella. However, in trying to assert that she is in no way like Annabella, Vanessa discovers her own magical powers – powers that could either save or destroy her twenty-year marriage. 

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Between Riverside and Crazy
by Stephen Adly Guirgis

May 17 to July 7, 2024

City Hall is demanding more than his signature, the Landlord wants him out, the liquor store is closed — and the Church won’t leave him alone. For ex-cop & recent widower Walter “Pops” Washington and his recently paroled son Junior, when the struggle to hold on to one of the last great rent stabilized apartments on Riverside Drive collides with old wounds, sketchy new houseguests, and a final ultimatum, it seems the Old Days are dead and gone — after a lifetime living between Riverside and Crazy.

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