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The Empress Theatre is committed to providing Family Oriented content to our patrons. While our shows in the 2022 season adhere strictly to this commitment, you may consider the content of some shows unsuitable for your family.  Please familiarize yourself with the content of each show before purchasing tickets. 

Rock of ages is a jukebox musical filled with rock and roll hits from the late 1980’s. It is the story of the race to save the Bourbon Room, a fabled venue on the sunset strip. Dennis and Lonny have little time to save their beloved club from a German investment group. Rock of Ages is a big, brash, energetic tribute to classic rock and over-the-top ballads. Full of gritty humor and enough glamour to power west Hollywood. Rock Of Ages will play June 2022 as an add on show.

Rock Of Ages is an add on to the season subscription.

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Our seventh show and the debut of our new “All Night” program is The Wedding Singer. Robbie Hart is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. He is the life of any party until his fiancé leaves him at the altar. Heartbroken, every wedding he sings at after is a catastrophe. Wedding singer pays homage to the 80’s and takes us back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up and when a wedding singer could be the coolest guy in the room.

The Wedding Singer will be a double feature with Rock Of Ages. 

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After his parents are killed by a stampeding rhino, James is sent to the only family he has left, his Aunts Sponge and Spiker. His aunts are cruel and torment James mercilessly. James, desperate for his previous life, creates a potion. The magic gets away from him and instead he creates a giant peach and human sized insects. Based on Roald Dahl’s beloved book, this story is a whimsical journey of a boy out to change his life and find a real family.

EYT’s program dates will be June 20 2022 through July 8 2022. 

Registration opens April 1st, 2022.

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Legally Blonde chronicles the journey of the famously perky Elle Woods, a fashion savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her. In an effort to prove to Warner she is more than just a blonde sorority girl, she follows him to Harvard Law School. "What, like it's hard?"

Elle discovers more about herself than she ever hoped to and, in the process, helps others reach their potential too.

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Based on the cult classic film with the same name, Heathers is a highschool drama. Veronica longs to be cool like the Heathers, a clique of it girls who share the same first name. These it girls are extremely popular and extremely cruel choosing to mock and bully their kingdom into submission. Veronica hits their radar by getting them out of detention. Veronica is at first thrilled, until she has to start acting like them. Veronica vows to rid her school of the popular elite forever but can she succeed?

Heathers will be a double feature with Legally Blonde.

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A Chorus Line tells 17 dancer's stories from their perspective.  A classic show featuring all the best Broadway has to offer.  

This wonderful show is full of heart, sass and honesty.  It will have you saying "I Hope I Get It!" for the rest of your year. 

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Our Halloween show will be a fast favorite. Monty Navarro learns an incredible secret; he’s the son of the daughter of the grandson of the nephew of the second Earl of Highhurst. He can have the life he’s always wanted if he can only figure out how to keep the eight people in line ahead of him inheriting the title. Gentleman’s guide combines the best of the past with a contemporary sensibility and humor that is outrageously funny. With unforgettable characters, a unique score and non-stop laughing, Gentleman’s guide is one you can’t miss.

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This fast paced British farce concerns a con artist who has duped the welfare authorities for years by claiming every type of benefit for the innumerable people he claims live at his address. He's sent scrambling when welfare investigators show up and he is forced to prove all of his boarders are in fact real. A hilarious comedy full of mistaken identities, slamming doors, and a con that spirals out of control.

Cash On Delivery is a non-musical play. 

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Good girl Winnie Foster becomes friends with the mysterious tucks. She learns of their secret to everlasting life, a spring in a tree on her familie’s land. Winnie is faced with a life altering decision, drink from the spring or turn seventeen, then eighteen, then twenty; one clear path with two conclusions. Tuck Everlasting is a timeless story of family, loss, friendship and love. It will surely become one of your favorites.

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***Pricing update for 2022 Season***

Ticket Pricing:$15

All sales are final, no refunds. Exchanges can be processed based on availability and, at the discretion of Box Office Personnel up to 24 hours prior to the ticketed performance. Purchased seats that remain unoccupied at the start of performance may be resold without refund to the original ticket holder.

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