Around the Stage's main show this summer!

Splattered is an emotional, vulnerable, and relatable show that reflects on the messy rollercoaster the pandemic has been. Splattered refers to the chaos and unknown that is splattered paint and we use this to define the pandemic. With large canvases splattered with paint as the backdrop for the show, the dancers perform emotional, comedic, and high energy pieces to reflect on the past year.

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The Colony

by Gina Stevensen: August 27th - September 11th

The Colony is a new play about the eugenics movement in America. Synopsis: In 1924 Virginia, a dirt-poor young woman named Carrie Buck is brought to a mysterious medical facility. No one will tell her why she’s here, or where her two-month-old daughter is. The Doctor in charge is a charming progressive, a student of the new science of heredity and genes. In Carrie, he finds the missing link his movement has been searching for, placing her at the center of a chain of events that will lead all the way to the Supreme Court. Based on a true story, The Colony asks: how does our society, past and present, regulate the bodies of women who are deemed “undesirable”?

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