We Live Here

We Live Here is a participatory theatre experience created by Hand2Mouth and a vibrant group of collaborating artists. Taking place in a vacated store in the Lloyd Center mall, We Live Here, gathers the audience as a snapshot of a community within a civic space. Each show will differ by live-gathering the audience's personal responses creating a singular new ‘town’ for each show. The piece is designed to guide the audience through the passage of human lives through interactive touchpoints, to showcase and values the uniqueness of every life story in our community.

The performance aims to explore the commonality of difference; creating a snapshot of society by diving into what we have in common - and do not - in our lived experiences that help define our lives. The show celebrates profound unity through unique diversity in as inclusive, open, inviting and public a way as possible.


Co-Creators: Bobby Bermea*, Susannah Mars*, Tess Raunig, Jonathan Walters, Akari Anderson, Kyle Delamarter

Stage Management: Marissa Sanchez

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association


DATES: May 12-29, 2022 @ Thursday-Saturday 7 pm, Sunday 2 pm

VENUE: Lloyd Center Mall, Suite #1021, Second Floor, Portland, OR 97232

(*Former Ann Taylor Loft space)

PARKING: Use the covered parking structure space off Halsey Blvd. and NE 10th, adjacent to the Barnes & Noble. Enter through the NE corner doors and go to the right.

TICKETS: $25 General Admission; $5 Arts for All

LINKS/INFO/TICKETS: hand2mouththeatre.org/we-live-here


SAFETY: Proof of vaccination or negative Covid test result required, and mask must be worn during the performance.

Hand2Mouth is a theatre ensemble that creates original work that is bold, accessible, and inclusive. We support all forms of artistic expression and experimentation, and seek to enrich the social fabric of society through our work. Committed to fostering community through performance, engagement events, and educational programs, Hand2Mouth seeks genuine connections with audiences by speaking authentically from the voices and lives of our creative artists and our community.

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Hand2Mouth Summer Camps for Middle School and High School students- 1 and 2 week long devising theater camps beginning June 21st and running through August 5th.

SPANISH SPEAKING DEVISING THEATER CAMP FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL - This 2 week-long creative theater makers camp- youth will learn. about local and national BIPOC theater artists, and use a variety of mediums to create their own work and expression using storytelling, movement, visual art, music, sound, text, and media.. June 21st - July 1st 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

YOUTH DEVISING THEATER CAMPS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL - Middle School Theater Makers Devising Theater Workshops. Using storytelling, movement, visual art, music, film-making, sound, text, and media students craft a unique performance of their own devising based on the world in which they live. July 4th - July 15th 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

DREAM LOGIC - DEVISING IN A DREAM. WORLD FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL - Prepare to be transported into a world parallel to our own, the world of Dream Logic; a world of strange creatures and machines of your own devising where the rules of our own reality do not apply, where the same door can take you to infiltrate places. Students will craft this world together in ensemble. July 18th - July 29th 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

YOUTH DEVISING RESIDENCY PROGRAM - WORKSHOP FOR HIGH SCHOOL - Young people ages 14-19 from all background who are interested in creating in ensemble a uniquely devised performance piece. Students of all abilities work under the guidance of local and regional professional artists to create and perform an original community- reflective theatre piece of their own devising. This is a paid participation workshop and is a pre-cursor to the year-long residency program. For additional information, please email; mail@hand2mouththeatre.org. July 25th - August 5th 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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