We have entered a new year and are creating new work that reflects the moment. We want to involve you in our creation process by asking what is important to you and weaving your feedback into our new works.

As a company, we decided to meet the moment and create digital pieces for release this spring. We pulled names out of a hat and separated into three groups to create three independent projects that we will present as a compilation of digital shorts. Each group invited a collaborating artist from outside of the company to join them in creation. Our resident Technical Director and company member, Jon Timm will be supporting all projects.

Created & Performed by:
Robi Arce, Michael Cavazos, Judson Williams, & Ruxy Cantir
Lucille Dawson, Jenni GreenMiller, Liz Hayden, & Dre Slaman
Geo Alva, Jean Luc Boucherot, Erin Leddy, Jonathan Walters, & Adrienne Hatkins

Performances: May 1 & 2 @ 7:30pm online with facilitated talkbacks with the artists

On Demand starting May 4

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