Seasonal Allergies
A comedy by Katherine DiSavino and Kevin Mead

Do you have season allergies? You might be experiencing the symptoms of them and not even know it. Seasonal allergies tend to show themselves right around the holidays: do you feel a tickle in the back of you throat when you realize your vegetable dishes cooked faster than you thought, and now they’re ready a full hour before the turkey will be out of the oven? Do your eyes water uncontrollable after you’ve nearly broken you back climbing into the attic to find the Christmas lights (and then discover that only half of the strand lights up)? Do you find yourself overheated when family members decide to extend their vacation and “hang out” for a few more days in your home? Then you, my friend have got seasonal allergies. And you are not alone! However nobody has a case worse than Julia Shelby and her brother Peter. So get ready to laugh away your throat tickle and clear you sinuses with a health dose of holiday fun at the dinner theatre production of Seasonal Allergies.

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