A seventeen year old girl who mysteriously went missing four years ago resurfaces in a youth shelter in Canada, with no memory of where she's been. Soon she recalls a name, Sophie Sobin, and a life she want's back. Her aunt Ellie and troubled mother Eva welcome her home, but Sophie has a hard time remembering things. Who are you if you cannot remember your past? Sophie revives her damaged family, but chaotic past events bubble beneath the surface. Inspired by true life events, Girl Found explores how perceptions can be distorted in the desperate, primal pursuit of love.

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Ticket Pricing:

Adult: $20
Student: $15
Senior: $15
Industry: $10 *Thursdays Only!*

Fees: $2 per ticket

*Preview Performances are on the 1st Thursday & 1st Friday only! All tickets $10*

Run time is approximately 110 minutes with a ten minute intermission.

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