Best for Winter, being a short Shakespeare adapted from The Winter's Tale and other works

The Ensemble of Idle Muse Theatre Company explores Shakespeare's classical fantasy with an impossible ending, the story of human beings living in a world broken by the unforgivable acts of a man in power. A tale of laughter, survival, transformation and what it means to be alive right now. If a community, living with the legacy of unforgivable abuses, have no choice but to get to the next scene ourselves, then perhaps a play written with an impossible ending, if played honestly and in good faith, can approach impossible questions. And when forgiveness is impossible, perhaps finding the human part of what it is to be alive right now can be something like forgiveness. Maybe something more important, something like hope.

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Ticket Pricing:

Adult: $20
Senior $15
Student $15
Industry $10/Only on Thursday
Group pricing available upon request

Run time of the show is approximately 120 minutes with one 10 minute intermission.

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