"Jane" was the code name for an underground service, run by a collective of housewives and students, that brought safe and affordable abortions to 11,000 women from 1969 to 1973 in Chicago. Based on interviews with the women who ran this legendary organization before Roe v. Wade, Jane: Abortion and the Underground, tells the stories of the fight for freedom over their bodies that continues today.

Jane: Abortion and the Underground has been produced around the country by theater companies and colleges. In 2022, (HBO) MAX (previously HBO) premiered the documentary, “The Janes,”o-produced by the son of Jane member Judith Arcana, Daniel Arcana, to which playwright Kamen contributed a source, Crystal, from her play research. And in the fall of 2019, a NYC off-Broadway celebrity reading with Ana Gasteyer, Monique Coleman, Kathy Najimy, Cynthia Nixon and others.

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