Writing Workshop
For People Who Aren't Sure If They're Writers

Monday Feb 19
Wednesday Feb 21
Monday Feb 26
Wednesday Feb 28

Affiche Gallery
3587 NE Prescott
Portland, Oregon

I often hear from people who are interested in attending one of my writing workshops but ultimately decide not to because they're "not really a writer."

I decided to make a workshop just for people who might not be writers, because I believe that writing is for everyone. It is like breathing, or meditating, or doing therapy. It is a tool you can use to understand yourself and the world around you. It's not about being clever or getting famous.

I will focus on simple structure and inspiration that is not scary and not intimidating. This is the writing workshop for you to get out of your shell and involve writing in your life.

Feb 19: Inspiration: How to write about the things that are most important to you
Feb 21: Developing: How to build on an idea
Feb 26: Structure: How to set up a system for building a piece of writing into something bigger
Feb 28: Routine: How to fall in love with writing so that it becomes a part of your life


Advanced Writing Workshop
For People in the Midst of It

Tuesday Feb 20
Thursday Feb 22
Tuesday Feb 27
Thursday Mar 1

Affiche Gallery
3587 NE Prescott
Portland, Oregon

Each class $30
All four classes $100
Write for scholarship or discount possibilities.

Are you in the midst of a writing project and need to crack it open? Are you at the beginning and looking at the long road ahead and trembling in fear?

This is a writing workshop to discuss and work on advanced writing concepts. This is a good class for people who have a basic idea of how to set a routine, how to generate inspiration, how to move forward, but want some deeper investigation on how to put it all together.

Feb 20: Plot: How do we move forward?
Feb 22: Characters: Summoning interesting people to talk to
Feb 27: Structure: How to organize a system to provide more inspiration for your writing
Mar 1 Themes: Advanced concepts in developing layers to your writing.