The CRAIC Show -The Princess, the Beast & the Shee an Gannon

HARKEN and HEAR! People of this great land

Give ear and eye to what ye are about to behold

For pipes and drums and strings are at hand

And a tale of true love shall surely unfold…

If Shakespeare put on a rock concert, what would it look and sound like? You are about to find out. Heavy Medieval band, The CRAIC Show presents to you something completely new!

“The Princess, the Beast & the Shee an Gannon.”

More than a concert, more than a musical, this is A Neo-Renaissance Theatrical Experience.

Come and be a part of this never-before-seen event. Dress the part if you wish and make memories with your family & friends. Relax in comfort and enjoy this theatrical interpretation of The CRAIC’s iconic song, “The Shee an Gannon”. Whether this is your first Craic Show performance or the fiftieth, you will witness the birth of a whole new approach to Renaissance Theatre.


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