Tripp & Fall

A New comedy by John Kurowski

July 19 - 21

Winner of the 2019 Ropp Playwright Award

Directed by Chris Tsocanos

A man searches to learn more about his Father, but encounters more than he expected. While in mid-life crisis, misunderstandings lead to an unexpected journey to find the truth.

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The Reading of the Will... And What the Heck, A Murder Too

By Bryan Bergeron

August 2nd - 11th

Fridays and Saturdays  8pm

Sundays  2pm

The Reading of the Will is an Audience Participation Murder Mystery Comedy. 

Strange, bizarre and kooky members of the Treveau family assemble to hear the last will and testament of Baird Treveau, a rich film maker who made his fortune on the sale of one movie…” The Voodoo Crucible”.

The Reading of the Will is a Murder Mystery Audience Participation Comedy, filled with detectives, laughter, fun and of course, murder. Who done it? Why? How? That’s for you to find out! This show is a treat for lovers of comedy, music and mysteries.

Unreliable quote: “I loved it! I laughed from the moment I got there straight through to the next morning. Kept me awake. Things shouldn’t be this much fun…I might sue if I can’t sleep tonight.”

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