Equity & Justice For All

Saturday, February 29 - 7:00 PM

Celebrate Black History month in this special performance event in which the Kansas City Women’s Chorus joins forces with other community ensembles under the direction of Dr. Felicia Barber of Westfield State University. Dr. Barber is a passionate musician with strong research interests in diversity initiatives and the performance practice of African American spirituals. Through our singing of spirituals and other significant songs of justice, we hope to amplify community through music, as well as give voice and insight to those issues and individuals who may not have a voice, as we continue to work for peace, unity, justice, and restoration.

St. James United Methodist Church

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Reach Out, Reach Up Lifting as We Climb

Friday, April 17 - 7:30 PM
Saturday, April 18 - 2:30 PM

The Kansas City Women’s Chorus anticipates their next 20 years of song and service to the KC community, as well as celebrates the work of those who have gone before. How appropriate that in this election year of 2020 we also celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. Lifting As We Climb, honors this milestone which occurred in the US in 1920 and approximately a year earlier in Canada and England The work incorporates 3 movements: opening with the current climate of voting rights today, then looking back in celebration of the struggles women endured in order to win the right to vote, and finally looking ahead to ask how we can engage and activate real change for all women of all colors.

C. Stephen Metzler Hall at the Folly Theatre

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Children (18 and under): $15.00

Discounts available for Seniors and Groups of 10 or more. 

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