The Widow In Mink

A comedy by Carl L. Williams

Directed by:  TBA

Newly widowed Margaret Osgood buys a mink coat and joins the Wandering Widows’ Club. Her late husband’s business partner takes an interest in her finances - for who’s sake? Will falseintentions become clear to make way for true love? And, why the coat? 

Show Dates:   May 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29   June 3, 4, 5

Auditions:  TBA ,  Need:  2m, 5w

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The Curious Savage

A warm comedy by John Patrick

Directed by Louella Moreland

The widow, Mrs. Savage, was left millions which she intends to give away. To prevent this, her stepchildren send her to a sanitorium. The quirky and gentle residents help her lead the children on a merry chase. Here we compare kindness of psychiatric patients with the greed of “normal people.”

Show Dates: Jul. 30, 31   Aug. 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21

Auditions:  June 6 & 7, 6:30pm , Need:  5m, 6w

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Wage Warfare

A farce by Scott Haan

Directed by Joseph Katz

Tensions run high in The Treasure Chest customer service department because of two female coworkers who can’t stand each other. A third is constantly stuck in the middle. A chance promotion finds all three fighting, but not fairly. There is daydreamer Hope, saintly Bonnie, and snarky Louise.

Show Dates:  Oct. 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 Nov. 4, 5, 6

Auditions:  Aug. 22 & 23, 6:30pm,  Need:  2m, 4w, 1 teen

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