Paradise Lost and Found

By Pat Cook                                                     

Directed by:  John C. Rabe

Mavia and the employees of the Lost and Found Dept. of The Paradise Bus Co. deal with strange things.  Their biggest may be controlling a rumor that a certain big-shot is coming to visit.  Add a ruse for their by-the-book manager and the mysterious arrival of a young girl.  Crazy confusion and misunderstandings ensue.

Nov: 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30,  Dec: 1

Auditions:  Sept. 15 & 16, 6:30, Temple Theater  

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written by Oscar Speace

performed by Janice Noga


Janka is a compelling account of Janka Festinger from Sighet, Romania, who survived the Nazi Holocaust, fell in love and married an American soldier, and immigrated to the United States to live the American Dream.  At 75, she finally shares her story.  Adapted from her 60-page handwritten letter, it describes in striking detail the events of the Nazi internment of Romanian Jews in 1944.  Adam Rosenberg, a NY critic, called Janice Noga's performance "mesmerizing".  

Dec. 13th , 14th, and 15th

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