Kitchen Theatre Company's Annual Holiday Party

December 14 & December 15, 2022

7:00 PM

Tickets tiers:

$50: Includes admission and food only. Any drinks will need to be purchased.

$75: Includes admission, food and open bar

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The Ding Dongs

Written by Brenda Withers

January 31 - February 19

When sweet-faced Joe (Karl Gregory) and Natalie (Erica Steinhagen) show up on a suburban doorstep, the tight-lipped homeowner, Redelmo, finds their story suspicious: the house, they claim, was Joe’s childhood home and they’ve come in hopes of getting a quick peek around. Bewildered by their oddly sunny dispositions, Redelmo tries to keep the visitors at bay, but their clever wordplay preys upon his sense of civility, and they cheerily muscle their way across the threshold. Once inside, as they recount memories together, it becomes clear the couple has no intention of leaving. In this new laugh-out-loud comedy, Brenda Withers bends reality with wit and mystery as we are asked to examine who has the right to stand on the land they inhabit.

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No Child...

Written by Nilaja Sun

March 28 - Apirl 16

What do you get when you attempt to have a group of high school students in the Bronx put on the play Our Country’s Good? Some groans, class skipping, and one teacher’s determination to make the impossible possible. A tour-de-force solo performance that sees one actor transform themselves with rapid-fire precision into all 16 characters, No Child… is insightful, hilarious and a touching master class for anyone concerned about the state of our education system and how we might fix it.

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Kitchen Theatre Company's Annual Spring Fundraiser

April 29, 2023

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And I and Silence

Written by Naomi Wallace

May 30 - June 18

Dee and Jamie meet behind bars where they form a perilous bond and forge a plan for survival as they serve time. Their days fill with hope as they practice their soon-to-be plans. But after their worlds shift to life after incarceration, they learn the outside world is even more dangerous to their friendship than the jail itself. Exploring the fierce dreams of youth and the brutal reality of adulthood in 1950’s segregated America, And I and Silence is a dark yet playful, poetic portrait of desire, daring and survival.

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