Two hundred moons ago in the mystical land of Arcadia, a spell was cast, depleting all remnants of color from the land, leaving only darkness and despair. Slowly “The Fade”, as it became known, swept across the region, and embedded itself into the very hearts of the Arcadian people.

Only one possibility for the curse to be broken exists. A set of twins, born as the Twin Moons rose in the sky, overlooking Arcadia. Will they be reunited on the eve of their 18th birthday, and do they hold the key to releasing Arcadia from the darkness?

Join us for an epic tale, that brings together spirited Faeries, not-so-evil Witches, the majestic Ravakwan Temple and many more fantastical characters as they join forces to fight for “Global Color Change”, and battle to regain their freedom from the colorless curse!

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