Ones From the Vaults: Rocky Horror Shadow Cast

Kinetic Theory Theatre and The Latchis present Ones From the Vaults - Brattleboro’s Original Rocky Horror Shadow Cast – beginning Saturday, April 6, and continuing monthly on the first Saturday at the Latchis Theatre, 50 Main St., Brattleboro.

Pre-show begins at 10pm, with the film starting at 11pm. Tickets are $20, available at

The 1975 cult classic film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” has become a cultural phenomenon. The Ones From The Vaults will bring the characters to life and perform this outrageous musical live in front of the screen. Audience participation is expected! Sing, dance, throw stuff! Costumes are encouraged and prop kits will be for sale. Become a part of the experience … “Don’t dream it, be it!”

The Ones From the Vaults are Brattleboro’s first (and Vermont’s only) ongoing Rocky Horror shadow cast. This 13-member troupe is currently comprised of all local Brattleboro circus performers, some up-and-coming artists and some veteran, industry pros including award-winning director Stephanie Abrams.

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Wagner in Vermont 2024: Das Rheingold

TUNDI Productions' 2024 Wagner in Vermont Festival presents Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner on Friday, August 16, at 7:00pm and Friday, August 23, at 7:00pm.

The ALPHA...
Das Rheingold

The Gold sits deep in the River Rhine: primeval, and playfully tended by the three Daughters of the Rhine. We will meet the Dwarfs of Nibelheim who live below, the Gods who dwell above, and the Giants, who stride the surface of the earth.

Any good order is shattered by a world-shaking transgression motivated by lust, greed, and alienation. Alberich - the Nibelung - is the transgressor: he has stolen the Gold from the Daughters of the Rhine, and forged an all-powerful Ring. He will in turn be robbed and humiliated, and imbue the Ring with a curse. The tribes and families continually reposition themselves, fighting to possess the Ring. Families and worlds are destroyed; warnings and interventions make no difference - nobody cares! We have to ask: do we care as audience witnesses to this confounding spectacle, saturated with self-absorption, mistrust and death, sprinkled with joy and comedy, and confronting us with such huge questions?

The music is serene and terrifying, sensual and violent, supernatural and earthly...the life-changing journey of the Ring Cycle has begun.

Das Rheingold is an uninterrupted single Act, 7pm-9:30.

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Wagner in Vermont: 

TUNDI Productions' 2024 Wagner in Vermont Festival presents Götterdämmerung by Richard Wagner on Saturday, August 17, at 3:00pm and Saturday, August 24, at 3:00pm.

The OMEGA...

Götterdämmerung is a fierce, enthralling work with enormous implications. As the Gods approach their end, everything is at stake for the cosmos, and for humanity.

Brünnhilde consummates her love with Siegfried, only to be kidnapped from the circle of Magic Fire that Wotan had conjured to protect her. She finds herself on the banks of the Rhine in a decaying tribal court. Siegfried is already there: he has been ensnared and poisoned by his hosts. In a shocking sequence of betrayals, Brünnhilde learns what it is to be human. We meet Hagen: a dark, self-confident agent of evil in his slow and ruthless pursuit of the Ring.

The final scene, Brünnhilde's self-immolation with her horse Grane, closes the immense cycle with transcendent radiance. The music tells us that, as the Gods are toppled from their thrones, and the Ring is returned to its home in the depths of the Rhine, a woman saves the world to usher in a new era. The experience is beautiful and inspiring beyond description; for many people, it is life-changing.

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