(Drop them off so you can go Christmas Shopping)

December 20, 2019 6 pm – 8 pm
LCT Box office, 832 Main St, Lewiston, ID
208-746-3401 /

$20.00 per child or $35.00 for two children
Ages: 2nd thru 6th Grade
Limit: 25 Children

Sign your kids up for a fun night solving a Christmas mystery! Each child will be assigned a character and will spend the evening gathering clues to figure out who took Santa’s “naughty and nice” list!

The plot: Mrs. Claus has sent invitations to the annual pre-Christmas party, much to the frustration of Dank the Elf, the director of toy production. With Christmas right around the corner, Dank is worried that if all his toy-makers take the night off, things won’t be ready for the “Big Delivery.” Production is already behind schedule, and rumors are flying about who is to blame. At the party, the guests will discover that the all-important “naughty and nice” list has gone missing, and will need to investigate by interviewing other guests and conducting a scavenger hunt. Can Christmas be saved?

Each child will be assigned a role in this mystery party, and given clues to look for and clues to share with the other guests. We will have plenty of Elf supervisors on hand to help the younger children. There will be cookies and hot chocolate, some fun Christmas games, and a chance for children to gain some fun theatre experience as they get into their characters! This will be a fun night for the kids, and a chance for parents to get some last-minute holiday errands completed the Friday before Christmas!

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