The Outgoing Tide by Bruce Graham

Wed. February 12, 2020 @7:30pm Registry Theatre

Gunner has dementia and a plan to take control of his fate.  His wife and son have other ideas.  The three must find common ground - before the tide goes out.

Featuring Reid Spencer, Richard Quesnel and Kathleen Sheehy

painting by Alan Daniel, used with his kind permission

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Virtue by Tim Slover

Thursday April 23, 2020 @7:30pm Registry Theatre

Hildegard of Bingen: abbess, visionary, composer of the world's first opera.  With the arrival of Richardis, a penitent seeking to be a sister in the abbey, Hildegard must face the question: Is it possible to bridge the gap between spirituality and sexuality?

Featuring Kathleen Sheehy, Sonja Ticknor-Malton, John Cormier

illustration by Hildegard von Bingen

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