Lunch & Lavender

We are excited to announce, that Lavender Hill Farm will be partnering with Vernales Events & Catering for an all-new 2019 Lunch & Lavender experience!

Gourmet boxed lunches made with fresh foods featuring lavender from our farm will be served in our barn at noon every Wednesday from June 26th to August 21st rain or shine. Lunch menus have been carefully created by the chefs at Vernales to highlight both sweet and savory lavender accents. 

Lunch is $23 + fees per person and will include lemonade or iced tea, a choice of salad or sandwich and cookies all featuring lavender.

Lunch tickets are required for admittance and will be available for purchase online until 4 PM the day before the Lunch or until sold out.

NEW THIS YEAR: Bingo in the Barn will begin at 1:15pm and is free for lunch and lavender attendees to enjoy featuring prizes from our gift shop!

Good food. Good friends.

Lunch & Lavender

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Lavender Planting Workshop

June 28th, July 12th & 26th

August 9th

Learn how to plant and care for lavender with Lavender Hill Farm. During this workshop, participants will receive step-by-step guidance on the planting and care process from start to finish and will take home a lavender plant and a Growing and Using Lavender Guide! After a golf cart tour, the group will learn to plant lavender and how to care for the plant from infancy through adulthood.  Lavender iced tea and cookie refreshments will be provided. This is a rain or shine event and all ages are welcome. Please dress in your gardening clothes.

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Lemon Squeezy

June 29, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

Lemon Squeezy was founded on a dark and snowy night in the beginning of February 2010. Since then, the quartet has developed a crisp and delightful sound throughout a big variety of songs, ranging from Swedish men’s choir to Elvis Presley.  The quartet grew out of the rich soil of Swedish choir tradition. Throughout grade school, all four members attended Adolf Fredrik’s School of Music, Sweden’s most renowned choir school. Afterwards, they all made the natural transition into Stockholm Music Gymnasium, and today all four are members of Zero8, Sweden’s most prominent male barbershop chorus.  In the summer of 2012, Lemon Squeezy won the Collegiate World Championship in Barbershop. Two years later, in Las Vegas, they achieved 5th place in the open International Competition, moving on to 4th in 2015 and an honourable silver medal in 2016. Now they are on the road to pursue further goals and good times together!

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Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs

July 5th, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

Cari Ray is an award-winning songwriter and storyteller whose songs manifest in a way that can transport you to a back alley juke joint around the early part of the last century. Cari’s influences as a writer and performer are clear and present in her original material, spanning a wide range of early American music… a helping of acoustic blues, a little folk, a rasher of ragtime, and a slight flavor of old-time country. Her live show serves it up handily with quick wit, tasty fingerstyle guitar, and a huge voice. Add the powerful harmony vocals of percussionist and long-time collaborator, Dionne Ward, and you have Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs. With a unique blend of heart and grit, this power duo will have your heart breaking one minute and your hips shaking the next…all while wondering where they’re hiding the rest of band.

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July 6th & 7th, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

Thunderwüde is a Chelsea Michigan based bluegrass trio fronted by singer/songwriter Jason Dennie. His masterfully crafted songs have become staples of the Thunderwüde experience as he draws from his 20 plus years as a professional musician. The energetic Wesley Fritzemeier is the perfect counterpart to Dennie as he dazzles with his incredible prowess on both the mandolin and fiddle. The two musicians intertwine beautifully as seemingly effortless harmonies are brought to life both vocally and instrumentally. The glue between all of the beauty is Tommy Reifel on the upright bass. These three everyday working musicians have made this project a labor of love and patience and have been rewarded with a 4 year residency at their hometown brewery, and look forward to spreading the good wüde for as long as time allows them.

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Starry Skies Night Sky

July 8th

Join us at Lavender Hill Farm for star guidance and stories on July 8th. This event will take place immediately following a special star themed Monday Movie Night. Come for the movie and stay for the stars!

Enjoy a rich evening of storytelling under the stars with Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams, your engaging guide to naked eye observation of the summer’s night sky wonders. Tonight, the First Quarter Moon of the season will be near the star Regulus, which is at the heart of the Lion. In this position, the Moon activates the Lion and  lends itself to an evening of wonderful stories about the high constellations of the summer, and taming dragons and serpents with courage and compassion. 


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Pixie Dust Tea Parties

July 12th, July 19th & August 9th

Join us at Lavender Hill Farm for a Pixie Dust Tea Party in the barn, rain or shine! Enjoy delightful treats paired with soothing lavender tea or refreshing lemonade. Guests of all ages (4 & up) are welcome to attend. This event is ideal for Grandma and Me, Mom and Me or all three! A cookie decorating station, a themed craft, and a dance through the lavender fields with your new set of fairy wings and wand (included) will be the perfect ending to the enchanted afternoon.


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Lavender Essential Oil Distillation Workshop

July 25th, July 29th and August 1st

Join us for a Lavender Hill Farm Distillation Experience and indulge in the luxury of lavender! During this workshop, participants will receive step-by-step guidance on the distillation process from start to finish and will take home a bottle of lavender oil and hydrosol distilled on our farm! After a golf cart tour, the group will learn to harvest lavender and how to distill essential oil and hydrosol.  Lavender iced tea and cookie refreshments will be provided. This is a rain or shine event and all ages are welcome. Please dress in your gardening clothes.

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Brian Ashley Jones

July 27th, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

Brian Ashley Jones is a soulful singer, acclaimed guitarist, and versatile touring songwriter whose guitar-driven Bluesy Country tunes have found their way into film, television and radio and have been recorded by other performing artists. Originally from the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina and a longtime resident of East Nashville, TN, Brian performs internationally at festivals, concert series, clubs, music education programs and music conferences.

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The Appleseed Collective

August 2nd & 3rd, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

The sounds of The Appleseed Collective are as diverse as the personalities that create them. Violinist/Mandolinist Brandon Worder-Smith grew up steeped in a rich rural Bluegrass and Irish fiddle culture. Driven to explore beyond the boundaries of tradition, he set off on foot to hitchhike around America searching for his musical kin. After a year and a half of wandering he stumbled across Guitarist Andrew Brown back in Ann Arbor MI, where the band now hangs their collective hats when not on the road. Downtown Andrew Brown, fast-talking vintage garb peddler and son of a Motown session musician had just returned from New Orleans with a piece of that dixieland sound. He gifted long-time friend and funk/rock drummer Vince Russo with a washboard, whose penchant for ripping percussion solos and untamed showmanship were only further enhanced, and the first incarnation of the band was born. Later the boys would join forces with bassist Eric O’Daly, whose passion for Indian Classical music and introspective yet fiery Irish nature would complete the Genre-Bending sound of The Appleseed Collective.

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Lavender Moon Night Sky

August 4th

Join us at Lavender Hill Farm for star guidance and stories just before sunset for the best views of the Lavender Moon. It will sweep over the western horizon toward the thickest part of the Milky Way, while the star lovers appear overhead. We will set the stage for a terrific evening of storytelling and stars with star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams, in the sweet and comforting proximity of lavender fields.

August 4th is considered to be the moons most romantic time of the year. In the world of poets and story tellers, the Lavender Moon describes the waxing crescent sliver that follows a rare Black Moon (the second new moon in one calendar month). In the summer of 2019, a Lavender Moon will occur following the July 31st New Moon! In Chinese culture this is highlighted by the story of the star lovers Vega and Altair, who gaze longingly to one another across the mighty Milky Way river of stars.

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Square Dance Social & Workshop

August 23rd & October 4th

Come on out to Lavender Hill Farm for a Square Dance Social and Workshop in our beautifully renovated events barn, rain or shine! Join skilled caller, Paul Williams for an evening of dancing, laughing and loads of fun. Guests of any and all skill levels are welcome to attend this family friendly event. Learn the basics from 7 – 7:30 PM and show off your skills for the rest of the evening. Bring your friends, family and dancing shoes and we will see you at the barn! Guests are welcome to visit our giftshop and picnic before the dance.

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Jill Jack

August 24, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

The winner of 44 Detroit Music Awards since 1997, Jill Jack is one of the most popular singer-songwriters ever to call Michigan home. Over a span of over 30 years, Jill realized early on that her connection with her audience is what she loved best about performing. What you see is what you get. She prides herself in her ability to be approachable, someone everyone can relate to. Her fans are her family. Her live performances combine artistry, emotion and an incredibly charming stage presence. Plus, she’s a strong woman who’s won over the toughest town in a man’s world - she’s a bandleader, the principal songwriter in a large group bearing her own name, an employer and automatic arbiter of musicians’ issues.

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Sons of the Never Wrong

August 31st & September 1st, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

Sons of the Never Wrong is a turbo-charged Altfolk trio from Chicago that delivers witty, whimsical songs with their signature soaring harmonies. In case you're wondering, they're 2 gals and a fella: Bruce Roper, Sue Demel and Deborah Lader. Their odd ball humor and spontaneous stories ignite their live shows and have earned them a cult-like international following for over 25 years. Combining influences of folk, jazz, pop and rock, their sound is wildly original, their energy is contagious and their banter is hilarious.

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Suzie Vinnick

September 7th, 2019

7:30 P.M. - Rain Or Shine

A Saskatoon native transplanted to the Niagara Region of Ontario, Roots and Blues singer Suzie Vinnick is a 3X Juno Nominee, CFMA Award winner, and a 10-time winner of the Maple Blues Award for songwriting, female vocalist, acoustic act and more. Singer-songwriter doesn’t begin to describe her. She picked up her first guitar at the age of 9 and went on to learn bass, saxophone, mandolin, lap steel, piano, and more.  Suzie has a voice you’ve heard a thousand times and one you’ll never forget. It soars, it growls, it whispers and it shouts from a deep, deep well of emotion. The pure joy she exudes when she picks up that guitar is so worth the show.

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