Johann Strauss the Younger’s invitation to spend a night in Venice is probably one of the most enticing experiences operetta has to offer. With his reputation already cemented as The Waltz King, it was perhaps inevitable that Strauss would go on to enjoy similar success writing for musical theatre.

By the time A Night in Venice was premiered in Berlin at the Neues Friedrich Wilhelm Städtisches Theater (later known as the Woltersdorff-Theater) on 3 October 1883, Strauss had hit upon a formula that never failed to delight audiences wherever his works were performed.

The Carnival of Venice and a masked ball are the backdrop for a comedy that exploits operetta’s delight in mistaken identity to the full.

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A Lyric Theatre Discovery Series Production

Music: Victor Herbert

Libretto: Fred de Gresac

Lyrics: Harry B. Smith

Prince Ivan of Zergovia has just returned from studying abroad and is to be crowned King. Though he has flirted with many women during his travels, he has fallen in love with the opera singer, Vivien. The law of Zergovia states that Ivan must marry a princess in order to keep the throne, and several princesses are on hand vying to become his queen. Meanwhile, the former regent of Zergovia and the minister of war plot to keep Ivan off the throne and to keep themselves in power.

A semi-staged production with full orchestra

Stage Director: Mark Blattel

Music Director: Bruce Herman

Conductor: Jeffrey Yaeger

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