Church & State

by Jason Odell Williams

Nominated by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for three Irene Ryan Awards in acting and eight Meritorious Achievement Awards, Church and State pulls the audience into the challenges of quick political and personal decisions in troubled times. But fear not-- for the playwright (Odell Williams) is adamant that at the heart of the story, comedy will provide a balm for audience’s hearts.

Join us as we follow the Whitmores on the election trail as Charlie dares to go “off script” in his quest for truth and empathy, and Sara Whitmore and Campaign Manager Alex manage both captivating blunders and victories on the race to the Senate. Join us for the live revival of the heart-racing and laughter inducing production, that just may challenge you as an audience till the final vote!

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River Pirates
and The Treasure at Pointe Coupée

by Jeremy Reynolds

What happens when you are entrusted with a mysterious map choosing your destiny? Young Samuel finds himself in this position when Captain Fletcher and his crew are ambushed in the 1806 pirate hideout of New Providence. Fletcher is slain and hands Samuel a map with his last words, “This map will lead you. You must carry on from here.” Samuel and his misfit crew must brave the Port of New Orleans and evade Jean Lafitte’s privateer armada to seek out a long-lost treasure up the banks of the Mississippi River. On their epic swashbuckling journey into the heart of the Louisiana territory, Samuel and his crew encounter romance, magic, betrayal and a chance at treasure beyond imagination…if they can evade the deadly Captain Jean Lafitte.

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