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The Assassin's New Friend

Brian Hollander, an investigative journalist working late night at his country home invites in a visitor who offers him the story of a lifetime, all the details of murder that hasn’t happened yet. Brian is torn between informing the police, or having the story opportunity of a lifetime. He decides against the police and interviews the future murderer. During the interview Brian becomes sympathetic to the plight of the murderer not realizing he is being drawn further into the plot. Against his better judgement he invites the unwitting victim over for an interview. This ends in a violent encounter tail spinning Brian’s live into chaos, as he transforms from objective reporter to an accomplice to murder.

Written by John Kaasik and produced by arrangement with John Kaasik.

Performance Dates: March 15 - 31, 2019

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Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition

 LWLT Teen Production

What happens when you mix the Greek gods with reality television? In this hilarious romp, the great Greek myths are explored within a reality show framework. Thirteen gods are put under one roof, but only one can survive to sit atop Mount Olympus. “Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition” is an inventive retelling of Greek mythology where tempers flare, lovers quarrel, and rivalries ignite. With an added modern spin, even as far as letting the audience text in their votes, it’s must-see TV – er, theatre!

Written by Jonathan Yukich and produced by arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company, Venice FL.

Performance Dates: June 14 - 23, 2019

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