The Taming of the Shrew 

August 18-21, 25-27

A wealthy Padua merchant, Baptista, has two daughters. One day Lucentio, a student, comes to Padua, sees Bianca, the younger sister, and falls madly in love with her. But Baptista will not allow Bianca to be married before her older sister, Katherina, who has a scornful attitude to men and expresses that without restraint. Two local men, Hortensio and Gremio, are pursuing Bianca but she doesn’t like either of them, so they have to resort to a range of tactics to try and further their interest. Gremio hires Lucentio, disguised as a Latin tutor, to woo Bianca on his behalf. Hortensio poses as a musician to try and get into her company. Enter Petruchio from Verona, who hears the story about the feisty Kate. He sees her as a challenge, which he decides to rise to. Baptista welcomes this as he is fed up with Kate’s disruptive behavior. He accepts Petruchio’s offer of marriage and although Kate opposes it, she cannot do anything about a father’s right to marry his daughter off. Petruchio arrives at the church outlandishly dressed and whisks her off to Verona as soon as the marriage is pronounced. During the journey, Kate rebels against her husband but he begins training her to obey him. He wears her resistance down and eventually, she submits and becomes an obedient wife. She delivers a lecture to the other wives on the duties of a wife. But…is she sincere or is she playing the game?

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The Last 24 Hours of Lincoln

September 15-18, 2022

MAC Lobby Performance

What did Abraham Lincoln do the last day he was alive? Who did he talk to? What did he eat? Why did he decide to go to Ford’s Theater when he did not want to? Then, the shot that proved to be fatal. Who said what? How was his body prepared for the long trip back to Illinois? How did Mary react? How did Lincoln’s past life play into what happened on April 15, 1865? Join us as we being over 50 characters to life in this readers theater. You will hear and see those who were part of that fateful day. This production was first performed in London.

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Over The Hill

September 29 – October 2, 2022

MAC Lobby Production 

You cannot turn back the hands of a clock. Time does not creep backwards; in fact, as you get older, time seems to barrel forward faster than ever. Over the Hill: The Musical is a collection of 16 vignettes that revolve around the life experiences, relationships, and musings of older adults. The musical is organized into four Acts that loosely characterize the experience of aging itself: 1) Bring It On; 2) Moving On; 3) Hanging On; and finally, 4) Letting Go. The characters offer poignant and deeply personal glimpses into their lives, as they highlight the pain, the pleasures, the triumph and empowerment, the richness and the losses, and the wisdom that awaits us…over the hill!

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Avenue Q

October 13-16, 20-22

Avenue Q is about real life. It’s about finding a job, losing a job, learning about racism, getting an apartment, getting kicked out of your apartment, being different, falling in love, promiscuity, avoiding commitment, hangovers, Internet porn, and discovering the world. It’s the story of a college grad named Princeton, who moves into a shabby New York apartment on Avenue Q. He soon discovers that, although the residents seem nice, it’s clear that this is not an ordinary group of neighbors. One of them starts to talk to him about gays, and the second about racism, and another about pornography. One of the girls living in the house is trying to seduce one of her neighbors, but as he refuses, she considers this impossible. Another couple begins to play a game with alcohol which leads to an affair that causes one of them to get fired for not going to work. One of the characters struggles with his non-traditional gender orientation. Some couples decide to marry, and others decide to split. The majority of the persons involved – are puppet monsters akin to the ones on the Muppet Show. The singers are on stage, dressed in black, and although the audience is supposed to ignore their presence, they tend to act along with their characters. Much of the humor is crude and the language is often foul, so despite appearing to be a children’s show, it is very definitely for mature audiences.

Winner: The 2004 Tony Award for Best Musical

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Doubt, A Parable 

November 10-13, 2022

MAC Lobby Performance

“What do you do when you’re not sure?” asks Father Brendan Flynn, the new progressive priest at St. Nicholas Catholic Church in the Bronx, NY, in 1964. Sister Aloysius Beauvier, the stalwart principal of St. Nicholas’ adjoining Catholic school. Sister Aloysius is fierce in her convictions and devoted to running a well-functioning school. Her leadership conflicts with Sister James, an enthusiastic young nun who teaches history as if she is performing on a Broadway stage. Sister James suspects an inappropriate connection between Father Flynn and the new black male student. Father Flynn claims that he is simply acting as the boy’s protector, shielding him from what would otherwise be relentless torment from his white classmates. However, Sister Aloysius suspects that Father Flynn is not being truthful. Father Flynn is sure she is pursuing a personal vendetta against the modernization of the Church. In her efforts to right a perceived wrong, Sister Aloysius must work to break down the institutional hierarchies that have allowed the abuse of power—and children—to run rampant in the Church.

Winner: The 2005 Tony Award for Best Play; The 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama; The 2005 Drama Desk Award for Best Play

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