An Inspector Calls

May 25 - June 3

An Inspector Calls is set in April 1912, at the home of the well-to-do Birling family. Arthur Birling, a self-made businessman, his wife Sybil, their daughter Sheila and son Eric are enjoying port in the drawing room after dinner. They are joined by Gerald Croft, son of Sir George Croft, heir to one of the most successful family businesses in England, and Sheila’s new fiance. As the family allows themselves to luxuriate in their good fortune and position in society, they are suddenly interrupted by an unexpected visitor. The maid, Edna, announces that ‘Police Inspector Goole’ has come to speak with the Birling family.

The Inspector’s arrival immediately disrupts the evening, and the family grows increasingly unsettled when he announces that he is investigating the death of a young woman, Eva Smith. Despite the family’s initial refusal to believe that they are, in any way, involved in the unfortunate suicide of a young, working-class woman, slowly but surely the Inspector’s questions get to the truth of the matter. As his investigation unfolds, it soon becomes clear that each member of the family (Gerald included) has secrets linking each to the tragic suicide. His startling revelations not only shatter their lives but also raise profound questions about social conscience and class values that cannot be ignored.

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Youth Ensemble Studio

Passport To Theatre Youth Workshop

June 12 - 16

What does a passport do for you? A passport enables you to journey to parts unknown. With a “Passport To Theatre,” you will journey to an abundance of theatrically magical worlds. Your journey will explore the use of your imagination, the power of your physical being, the ability for stronger vocal characterization, and basic acting skills which provide a depth of understanding and tools for performing in a theatrical production. The five-day workshop is designed for sixth to 12th-grade students and will run from June 12th through June 16th between 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. We will break for lunch from 12:00 - 12:30. Please bring your own lunch and drink. Water will be available. The workshop is limited to 16 students. There will be a 30-minute showcase on the final day of the workshop from 1:30 - 2:00. Family and friends are welcome.

Instructor: Janice Vertucci Schreiber (she/her/hers)

Workshop Cost: 160.00 for the five-day workshop

If you register before May 21st, you will receive a 15% discount. Registration closes on June 2nd, 2023. Please register as soon as possible. There is a 20.00 non-refundable deposit.

Need-Based Scholarships are available. Please submit an essay on why this workshop is important to you and a one-minute monologue.  Send the essay and one minute monologue to 

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Miss-Cast Beauty Pageant

When: Saturday, June 18 @ 8:00 pm
Where: Magnolia Arts Center

As part of Magnolia Arts Center’s fundraising events, MAC will present the first Miss-Cast Womanless Beauty Pageant featuring some of eastern North Carolina’s finest beauties (well…sort of) as they compete to be crowned Miss-Cast 2023. Competition will be in Talent, Evening Gown, & Interview Questions.

Tickets: $20.00 General
$15.00 Students, Seniors, Military

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Extra! Extra! The Musical

June 22 - July 1

Ah, showbiz! What compels someone to be a film or television extra? Dreams of fame and fortune? One rung on the ladder to stardom? Rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers? Passion? Obsession? Boredom? Bills? Join a group of “waiting” extras and enjoy their wide range of unique stories in monologues, scenes and songs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be discovered!

The musical play follows a group of extras on the set of a fictitious movie, Hopewell Pointe. The renowned director Xavier Fernandez Geneva Garcia is meticulous, if not maniacal. He pays strict attention to every minute detail, all the way down to the ‘human atmosphere’ and won't hesitate to fire an extra who does not have a gripping life story. .” A production assistant, Maggie Demko, urges them to rehearse – or invent – their stories. The cast files in, herded by Demko. The rules are laid down and the interaction begins. As soon as sufficient excuse is found, the cast performs the title song which is about the hopes and dreams of people who seek film background work. No one does it just for a buck. The extras are asked to come up with gripping life stories in case the film director needs to learn more about their potential. With that premise, each gets a soliloquy and a song spotlight. Providing choral and dance support for each other, cast members never dissolve into an amorphous troupe, but rather retain and even build their own characters through every scene, whether center stage or merely tapping feet in the back row.

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