A Mouth With Flame & Shadow Puppetry Workshop

Written & Performed by Tae Hoon Yoo

February 22nd at 11:30am (Doors open at 11:00am)

A Mouth With Flame uses original music, digital media, cultural tales, and personal stories. Spinning Dot's Artist-in-Residence, Tae Hoon Yoo creates a beautiful one-man show exploring history, reliving personal experiences, and finding identity.

This special School of Theatre event includes "A Mouth With Flame" performance followed by a Shadow Puppet Workshop. 

All ages event

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The Kids from Amandla Street & Performing Character Workshop

By Lereko Mfono

March 14th at 11:30am (Doors open at 11:00am)

The Kids of Amandla Street brings to the stage the lively and prejudiced Amandla Street as seen through the eyes of four youth who want to change the world as they face the stark reality to the racism, fear, and potential violence that surrounds them and threaten to steal their dreams.

This special School of Theatre event includes "The Kids from Amandla Street" performance followed by a Performing Characters Workshop. 

Ages 8 & Up

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