Hanukkah Lights in the Big Sky

by Buffy Sedlachek

December 6-22, 2019

When a brick is thrown at a menorah set in a child’s window for Hanukkah, community leaders of all faiths come together to help spread a message of tolerance and peace, and 10,000 families display menorahs on Christmas. Based on true events that occurred in 1993 in Billings, Montana, this family play, commissioned by MJTC in 2004, is newly adapted for anyone 6 & up. 

Directed by Shelli Place

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Significant Other

by Joshua Harmon

February 15- March 8, 2020

Meet Jordan, a young Jewish gay man living in NYC. Life is a whirlwind of fun with his cohort of best girl friends at his side. But as singles nights slowly turn into bachelorette parties and wedding showers, Jordan finds himself fantasizing and yearning for his own significant other. His tender relationship with his grandmother provides solace and support, but what does his future hold? A new comedy by the writer of Bad Jews.

Directed by Hayley Finn

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The People's Violin

by Charles Varon

April 25- May 17, 2020

A filmmaker with a faltering career receives a grant to make a documentary about his father, a famous Jewish author and therapist for Holocaust survivors. When the discovery of a mysterious violin slowly uncovers the family’s unspoken history, the project turns into a gripping quest for truth. This intriguing and suspenseful drama, framed as a documentary, reveals the complexity of family, relationships, and the search for identity.

Directed by Warren C. Bowles

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