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Masquers is CANCELLING this production due to COVID-19. We hope to offer it again later this year. All tickets have been refunded. Please stay safe!

Masquers Playhouse presents a Four-Eyed Jacks Production

The Attack of the Curse of the Mummy’s Ghost of Doom
Join Dr. Kramer and his sidekick, Cheekie, two hapless, itinerant adventurers who stumble upon an archaeological dig somewhere in Egypt and somewhere in the mid-twentieth century. Wallace Carlisle and his wife Helen, the leaders of the dig, are seeking, with the help of the famous starlet Rita Fontenescu and several locals, the legendary tomb of the great Princess Louise Kepi Kahotep. But what attacks, curses, ghosts and dooms will they face if (and when) they find it?

Smoosh, Inc.
Burt Suave (British Secret Agent 0037—M.I.6 hopes he’ll remain a secret) is once again returned to active duty to fight the latest threat to world security and culinary excellence in the form of the fiendish criminal organization known as Smoosh, Inc. Will he prevail? Will he get the girl? Will he be able to tell the difference between Birmingham and Basingstoke? 

Both shows will be presented at all performances!

Friday, April 3 - 8PM
Saturday, April 4 - 8PM
Sunday, April 6 - 2PM

All performances will be held at:
Hotel Mac Ballroom (2nd Floor)
10 Cottage Ave
Point Richmond

All tickets are $15

Smoosh, Inc.

  • Mark Shepard as Burt Suave
  • Anne Collins as Miss Funnymoney, er, B
  • Sally Hogarty as Valet Girl
  • Linda Ellinwood as Front Desk Girl
  • Burl Lampert as Chef Morrie
  • Trish Inabnet as Chef Nancy
  • Helen Kim as Ernestina Blohard
  • Nancy Vandegrift as Girl
  • Live sound effects to be performed by Simon Patton & Jim Woodbury

The Attack of the Curse of the Mummy's Ghost of Doom

  • Jim Woodbury as Dr. Kramer
  • Conrad Cady as Cheekie
  • Norman MacLeod as Wallace
  • Leslie Klor as Helen
  • Robin Steeves as Rita
  • Simon Patton as Gahiji
  • Amy Cook as Baba Oba Nebibit
  • Carson Campbell as Ahseem
  • David Mills as Kemnebi
  • Nancy Vandegrift as Princess Louise Kepi Kahotep
  • Live sound effects to be performed by Simon Patton & Trish Inabnet
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