Shows: 8/21/2021 & 08/22/2021

The year is 1594. Plague has ravaged the city of London, 10,000 people died of plague in the last year and the city has been a boarded up, quarantined silent occupation, waiting for word that the plague has subsided.

HUZZAH! The city fathers have determined that quarantine efforts have worked and the city can reopen. To announce the return to normal life, Queen Elizabeth has summoned the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, her chartered company of actors led by Master William Shakespeare to present a command performance to signal the opening of the theaters again.

Master Shakespeare will present scene cuttings on a royal theme – scenes involving Kings and Queens drawing from across his rich library of comedy, tragedy and history. There will be excerpts from well known works like “Hamlet” and “A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” as well as from lesser known works including “Henry VI Part II” and “A Winter’s Tale”.

Revelers (who are invited to come to the faire in medieval or renaissance garb) will be welcomed to a merry faire ground with diverse entertainments including juggler, minstrels, games and vendors of various period wares. Patrons can relax in the outdoor “pub” and enjoy at glass of beer or wine or partake of some fine food ranging from modern treats to historic culinary fare. At 1:30pm, Queen Elizabeth will arrive with much pomp and ceremony and then the presentation of royal scenes by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men will commence.

As this is the annual summer fundraiser for Olympic Theatre Arts there will be a Raise the Paddle event at intermission as well as various ways people can donate and support OTA throughout the faire. You don’t have to just “watch” the show, you can be a part of it! You can up your entry admission and buy yourself a title, be a “Lord” or “Lady” and get special seating, inside a tent, adjacent to her Majesty herself with special food offerings, exclusive to “peers of the realm”.

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Ticket Pricing:
General Admission
--Adults: $24.00 (Musical)
--Adults: $18.00 (Most other plays)
--Student: $15.00 (Musical)
--Student: $10.00 (Most other plays)

As a courtesy to other patrons and to ensure you can be seated before curtain time, please arrive at least 15 minutes before curtain.

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