The Buckle brothers, Billy and Tom, are in big trouble.  Toms infallible eye for slow horses has drained away all of Billy's savings and he has borrowed from loan shark Pizza Face Petrillo who now wants his money back or else!  Involve a stuffy young lawyer, a hard drinking man, hungry housekeeper and a trio of beautiful and young women, and you have the recipe for a laugh packed farce of trists, turns, puns and pratfalls as Tom strives mightily to compensate for Billy's "habitual" errors.

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Welcome to Carney Hook Marina Motel, where three desperate men are tempted to join the heist of a lifetime.  Eddie has a plan and he needs a crew to pull it off.  When these schemers and dreamers come up against three women with plans of their own, the course to a fortune is threatened by more than bad weather.

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A father, whose wife of thirty years has left him, comes to New York to seek solace from his son and discovers his son is gay.  Norman, is that you?

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