April 25-28, 2019

Performances at the Studio Theatre located in the Music and Dramatic Arts Building on the corner of Dalrymple and Infirmary Drive

A hilarious, coming-of-age musical about discovering that "cool" is sometimes where we least expect it.

Geek. Poser. Jock. Beauty Queen. Wannabe. These are the labels that can last a lifetime. With an unforgettable rock score from Tony Award-winning composer, Jason Robert Brown, (Parade, The Last Five Years, Bridges of Madison County) 13 is a musical about fitting in – and standing out!

Evan Goldman is plucked from his fast-paced, preteen New York City life and plopped into a sleepy Indiana town following his parents divorce. Surrounded by an array of simpleminded middle school students, he needs to establish his place in the popularity pecking order. Can he situate himself on a comfortable link of the food chain... or will he dangle at the end with the outcasts?!?

The cast is comprised entirely of teenagers, but the stories that come to life here are ageless, the emotions they explore timeless, the laughter and the memories they provide priceless.

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Sleeping Beauty

May 31 - June 9, 2019

Performances at the Reilly Theatre on Tower Drive on LSU's Campus

This retelling of Sleeping Beauty originates from the well-loved fairy tale and maintains its major themes, but features a headstrong princess and added characters, including Gryff— half man half dragon—and the riddle-challenging Spider King. In this classic battle between good and evil, a terrible curse is put on a young princess, who falls into a 100-year sleep on her 16th birthday. The only one left awake is a prince who must conquer the forces of evil and restore happiness to the kingdom with true love’s kiss. Playmakers' rendition of Sleeping Beauty features new music by Chad Henry, bring this story of friendship and family, romance and adventure to life.

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General Information

Ticket Prices
Adults: $21.00
Children (Ages 2-11): $15.75
Seats are reserved for A Year with Frog and ToadElf the Musical JR., and Sleeping Beauty, and general admission for 13.

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For groups of 10 or more, receive a 10% discount.

$1 per ticket.

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