The Butler Did It (Comedy)
by Walter & Peter Marks
Directed by: Dennis Floyd
Produced by: Darrell Datte

The scene is the set where Anthony J. Lefcourt, writer and director, is rehearsing his new play, a "classic whodunit" (in which all the characters are named Butler) with which he hopes to regain the success that has eluded him in recent seasons. Desperately eager to stimulate his cast to their best efforts, he has deliberately withheld the final scene of the play from them, but his patience is worn thin by the petty jealousies and romantic rivalries that detract from their concentration. In an effort to spur them on, he "stages" the murder of one of the actresses, after which the plot begins to twist and turn with such dazzling ingenuity—and hilarity—that soon actors and audience alike have lost track of what is real and what is make-believe—until a surprise ending sets matters straight in a most bizarre and ironic way.

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The Night is Young: An Evening of One-Act Playsl
Written by Diego Hernandez Romero
Directed by Aarya Nair
A student utilizes his art as a way to motivate himself through other aspects of his life, tying his love for art to his love for his family; all while balancing academic and personal obligations much like any other high schooler.
André: Sean Reed
Destin: Bailey Leeder
The Cop: Marin Zabonik
Harvey: Toby Leeder
Lauryn: Bella Riley

Who Are You?
Written by Taylor Gottfredson
Directed by Brooke Rosenberg
A complex yet beautiful depiction of generational trauma and parental relationships.
Haelyn: Andalyn Bray
Lana: Clare Nowak
Hope: Kaia Norris
Wish: Ayra Khan
Young Lana: Claire Wheeler
Lana’s Mother: Kaia Norris

Time Will Tell
Written by Bailey Leeder
Directed by Drew Reed
Sabrina and her son, John, search the desert for her late husband’s time capsule, as she hopes to feel a sense of connection after his passing.
Sabrina: Kaia Norris
John: Aiden Huynh
Young Barry: Ayra Khan

The Importance of Being Honest
Written by Drew Reed
Directed by Ariel Servant
Two polar-opposite pen pals, Ryder and Penny, alongside their respective friends, Aidan and Addison, write extremely exaggerated letters to each other about their lives and achievements.
Ryder: Toby Leeder
Aidan: Ty Menor
Penny: Hannah Holly
Addison: Brooke Rosenberg
Mailman: Diego Alain Hernandez Romero

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