Jack Robertson led a charmed life; a very successful, wealthy lawyer living in a luxurious home in a gated community with his beautiful socialite wife.  Everyone thought Jack was destined for even greater things -- there were mumblings of a bright political future -- but no one knew he carried a secret.  Then one afternoon he dropped dead and at the calling hours things got interesting.

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Carousel is a colorful and thought provoking play that journeys into the wonderfully curious and perplexing world of mental illness.

Girl, a young woman struggling with Schizophrenia, meets a unique group of individuals as she explores the confines of the psychiatric ward of her local hospital.  With each door she opens, she enters a new and different world unlike her own.  Through open, candid and at times raw discussions, she learns the light and dark side of living with a mental illness.

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A romantic comedy bordering on and at times crossing right into a farce.

Corina, a somewhat sexually unsatisfied yoga instructor and backyard beekeeper, tries to keep it together as she's pushed and pulled in every direction by her life's partner, her pretentious mother and a ridiculously smitten yoga student.

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Don’t drive too fast when you head up route 127 from Gloucester to Rockport, Massachusetts. You might miss Annisquam Village entirely. Nestled neatly between Pigeon Cove and Lanesville, Annisquam is a quaint little seaside community that is quiet in the summer and dead in the winter, and that’s the way people like it. Especially Dr. Wendell Petit, a depressed alcoholic, semi-retired psychologist who hasn’t showed up for work in weeks. Rumor has it he’s shacking up with a young woman, young enough to be his granddaughter. No one has actually ever seen or heard her but folks remain convinced and that’s what keeps the rumor mill running. Too bad that’s not the least of Dr. Petit's problems.

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This show originated as Impersonators of Romance:  A Night to Remember for Lakeside Players at the Bow Lake Grange Hall in Strafford, NH in 2012 as a Valentine's Day show with a cast of 9 men.  Now this widely popular show has a cast of 20 with both genders, is more than a Valentine show and travels to different venues on the Seacoast to perform.  

A great line up of "celebrities" presented by a talented cast; singing, dancing and comedy with acts for every age!  There is something for everyone in this show!

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