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The Bespoke Overcoat

Inspired by Nicolai Gogol’s famous short story, Wolf Mankowitz’s The Bespoke Overcoat is by turns a deeply comic and unforgettably poignant reimagining of Gogol’s most famous classic tale, The Overcoat. Reset by Mankowitz into the Jewish East End of London, this story about an old clerk who can’t afford a new overcoat is a tale of love and resilience told with dignity and humor. Immediately hailed as one of Britain’s most exciting young playwrights when the play opened in London in 1953, Mankowitz adapted it into a film that won the Oscar at the 29th Academy Awards for Best Short Subject Film in 1957. The son of a Jewish bookseller in London’s East End, Mankowitz was a prolific dramatist, novelist, and screenwriter often know for depicting acts of humanity in a flawed but facinating world.

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5 different groups from Guinea playing West African music!

The first: Mimi Paya Paya

Mimi Paya Paya plays with a group of 7. Referred to as the Queen of Guinea, she is Mandingo griot and a singer/dancer. Titled “One of the best singers of the new generation of Guinea music,” Mimi plays many African instruments including the Goni, Balafon, Tam Tam and Kora to name a few.

There will be 4 other groups performing on these special night:

Oumar le Blan, Les Espoirs de Corontie, Ibro Diabate, and Koundou Waka (aka Abraham Sonty)

Join us for this night to remember - an exciting cultural experience!

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From humble beginnings to the international stage, Aloke's journey is one of inspiration and determination.

Encouraged by an uncle who played sitar to pursue his creative passion and cautioned by a brother to adopt a traditional occupation that would pay the bills, Aloke chose accounting as his profession.

While excelling at a day job keeping books, his passion for music continued to grow until he decided to transition to music studies. He obtained a graduate degree in Ethnomusicology from San Diego State University.

This led to an epiphany: while the sitar might have support from percussion and drone instruments, it plays a single and distinct line whereas western music involves musicians coordinating their performances to create a melodic style that is completely different.

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PRT Co-op Presents


Interactive Shakespeare, where the audience controls the story!

Something's rotten in the firm of Den Marketing.

After his father’s untimely death, Hamlet returns from grad school pissed off. Not only has his uncle Claudius taken over his father’s company, Den Marketing, he has also married Hamlet’s mother. Hamlet is immediately smitten with Rosalind, a hot new account exec. Just then his phone DINGS with a zoom link from his dead father.

What should Hamlet do? Check his Email or Pursue Rosalind? The audience gets to decide.

With sixteen possible paths featuring all the best Shakespearean scenes and characters, this is a unique experience you don't want to miss!

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