Summer Youth Show!

The Scarlet Heart is a gem! A big fat juicy apple of a ruby that everyone really wants and will do anything to get. Too bad there's not one competent thief in the bunch. Join Arlecchino, Brighella, Columbina, and more zany fun characters in their hungry, thirsty, bungling, quest for the Scarlet Heart. This fast-paced comedy extravaganza will have you laughing from the start to the final bows.


With the help of weak-willed Judge Wally Wessell and mean, nasty Sheriff Black Burt Bushwacker, the evil and greedy Medusa Dunnit has taken over the sleepy little town of Critter Crossing. On the eve of the towns destruction a handsome stranger arrives in the person of U.S. Marshal U.S. Simpson. Will he be able to stop the evil plans of Miss Dunnit? Will the Marshall be able to save gentle Penelope Fortune and her new Orphans School and Old Folks Home from total ruin?

A family friendly melodrama complete with dastardly bad dudes, darling damsels in distress, and gallant good guys ready to save the day! Audience members are welcome to cheer for the heroes, boo and hiss the villains, and interact with the hilarious events as they unfold around them. Campy thrills and excitement for the whole family!

Directed by Jeff Merriman

Tickets: $12/$8

Ticket Pricing

Regular Evening Series:
Adult: $16
Student: $14
Senior: $14

Musical Theatre:
Adult: $20
Student/Senior: $17
No Children Under 3 Admitted to Adult Performances.

Children's Theatre:
Price Varies

Special Engagements:
Price Varies

Group Discounts:
Available for groups of 10 or more when purchased at the same time.
Please call ((713) 340-2540 

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