The Wonderland

Regular Screening 

On the day before her birthday Akane meets a mysterious alchemist who enlists her to save his mystical plane of existence. Convinced Akane is the sacred ‘Goddess of the Green Wind,’ the alchemist and his tiny fairy-like assistant usher her and her friend Chii to their hidden world, where not much makes sense.

Keiichi Hara’s earlier and superb anime, Colorful, won R2R’s Adult Jury Award for Best Picture in 2012. Drawing inspiration from English language fairy tales, such as: The Wizard of Oz, Sword in the Stone, and Alice in Wonderland, this latest film is a departure from the more traditional Japanese storytelling depicted in his universally celebrated Miss Hokusai. Decidedly younger and more accessible in aesthetic and sentiment, The Wonderland journeys to a land like our own in which its life force is signified by vibrant colours. As the colours of this land dim, so does the resolve of its people. Feeling frail in the face of insurmountable forces, Akane must figure out how she is meant to help overcome this darkness, or perhaps she’ll never find her way home. Somewhat an analogy for our own biosphere, in danger of collapse, and our personal struggle to find solutions, Hara’s marvellous creations depict a fantasy of pure Wonka-esque imagination.

Akane, voiced by Mayu Matsuoka, will sound familiar to R2R audiences for 2018’s A Silent Voice. Cinephiles will know her for the Cannes favourite, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s, Shoplifters. Chii is voiced by the daughter of actor Ken Watanabe (Inception, The Last Samurai). The rest of the cast are known for anime classics such as Pokemon: The First Movie, The Boy and the Beast, and Miss Hokusai.

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Fritzi - A Revolutionary Tale

Regular Screening.

Sophie is Fritzi’s best friend and her entire world. They spend their days dreaming, climbing around in tree forts, and dancing with Sophie’s dog, Sputnik. Unexpectedly, their idyllic summer is interrupted when Sophie is whisked away to her grandma’s house in Hungary. Fritzi is entrusted to take care of Sputnik until Sophie returns. When the school year begins, and Sophie still hasn’t returned, it becomes apparent that she won’t be coming back to East Germany. The gates have been closed and the Berlin Wall has been erected. Young Fritzi is distressed that she won’t see her friend again, and even more so that Sophie won’t be able to see Sputnik. Confronted with the larger politics at play, Fritzi’s world view grows when she stumbles upon a peaceful rally calling to knock down the wall. The people around her in the streets are risking arrest, and may possibly be harmed, yet they stand committed to changing their country for the better. Inspired, Fritzi now knows exactly what to do: she must reunite Sputnik and Sophie.

Rich with historical accuracy and accessible to the politics of the time, Fritzi - A Revolutionary Tale offers an entry point for young audiences to understand a piece of world history that is as relevant today as it was at the time.

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Youth Unstoppable

Regular Screening.

Slater Jewell-Kemker, remember that name! Slater began her filmmaking career as a curious kid with a camera. As a youth delegate representing Canada on the global stage, Slater grew up concerned about the environment. Like many people today, she carries the burden of what environmental collapse could mean for her generation and the future of humankind. Hoping her lens might offer a path to a better world, Slater began witnessing the struggle of young people fighting for a cleaner, fairer planet. Youth Unstoppable sets the stage for a pivotal shift in the global climate movement, and the rise of youth activism. Young people have been building networks and communities, uniting in shared interest for longer than a decade. As the daughter of renowned environmentalist, David Suzuki, Severn Cullis Suziki’s remarkable condemnation of world leaders at the United Nations (UN) rippled through the youth consciousness over the years sowing the early seeds that led us to this moment, seeking justice.

Capturing everything from the bone-dry rice fields of India to the teargas laden streets of the various UN climate summits, Jewell-Kemker travels to the front lines of Alberta’s tar sands to the Indigenous-led rallies of South America. As her knowledge of our interconnectedness and interdependence as a species evolves, so too does the movement, constantly being replenished with new energy and ideas. Ultimately uplifting, this documentary digs to the root of our climate catastrophe and presents a way to move forward.

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Regular Screening 

To be an online influencer you must have a bright presence that resonates. Binti has a charming personality, she just doesn’t seem to have those all-important followers. Not yet. Convinced she has what it takes to be famous, Binti vlogs every moment, emulating her idol Tatyanna. When the immigration police raid her home, and try to deport her and her dad, they are forced to flee. Escaping to the woods, Binti finds herself seeking refuge in Elias’ treehouse. Apprehensive at first, Elias and Binti eventually connect and begin to understand each other’s experience in new and surprising ways. Elias has a deep respect for the okapi, an endangered Congolese forest giraffe, which he has been trying to save from extinction—with little success. Capitalizing on Binti’s growing social media presence, the two get creative. They begin to make short PSA videos and plan a community fundraiser with traditional Congolese dance and poetry. All the while Elias is focused on saving the okapi. Binti has high hopes that her dad and Elias’ mom will get married, meaning she can stay in Belgium. As her online support grows, and their friendship solidifies, so does Elias’ dimensional understanding of the realities migrants face. In the end, Elias must find the courage to stand up for his friend.

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My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

Regular Screening 

As the youngest in the family, Sam has concerns that he’ll eventually be on his own, and he isn’t looking forward to suffering the loneliness that will inevitably follow. While on holiday he meets Tess, a somewhat more worldly eleven-year-old who is definitely up to something sneaky. Drawn to Tess and her vibrant spirit, Sam begins to find it difficult to focus on his self-imposed ‘aloneness training.’ He’s on a personal quest to ensure he’ll be able to manage being alone later in life. In the meantime, Tess has a personal challenge of her own; she’s determined to find her birth father. An adventurous summer unravels as Sam and Tess become unlikely friends, learning extraordinary things about themselves and each other.

Based on a prize-winning novel for young readers by the Dutch author Anna Woltz, this emotionally rewarding adaptation explores the value of friendship and family, emphasizing the importance of human connection. My Extraordinary Summer With Tess premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival’s Generation KPlus program, where it was awarded a special jury mention. It also won the Audience Award at the NY Children’s Film Festival.

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Veins of the World

Regular Screening.

This coming of age tale centres on the traditional way of living: in harmony with nature. Amra’s father is the sole voice willing to stand for his nomadic people against global mining companies. While these companies have only been permitted to do exploratory work, workers have already begun to dig the temperate grasslands of the steppe without community consent. The land and rivers provide important nourishment for the goats, sheep, and people of the community, who also depend on this sensitive ecosystem for their livelihood, primarily herding and cheese making. Watching YouTube clips with his friends, Amra longs to see the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and dreams of singing on the popular TV show, Mongolia’s Got Talent. When Amra’s father dies in a tragic car accident, Amra is forced to abandon his childhood reverie and assume financial responsibility for his family. Suddenly he must grow up fast and do work he might not have undertaken otherwise.

Veins of the World marks Oscar nominated director Byambasuren Davaa’s debut as a dramatic feature filmmaker. Best known for her gripping documentary work, The Story of the Weeping Camel, has been translated for over 60 countries, and has won accolades at festivals around the world.

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10:00 AM - 2:30 PM 

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Short films + workshops + VR demos! Come early and enjoy our all-you-can-eat breakfast of homemade pancakes. We’ll also have juice, and gallons of hot coffee for the grown-ups.

Recommended for ages 7+

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Jacob, Mimmi, and the Talking Dogs

Regular Screening 

Jacob is an imaginative boy who dreams of being an architect like his busy father. Mimmi is his know-it-all cousin who has the inside scoop about everything in her small town, Maskachka. With the help of an unruly pack of talking dogs, can they save this neighborhood from unwelcome change?
Jacob spends a lot of time drawing buildings and daydreaming while his father is at work. When his dad goes away on business, Jacob must spend the whole week being bossed around by his cousin, Mimmi and her “ex-pirate” father, Eagle. As soon as Jacob arrives in Maskachka he learns that the local park is about to be transformed into skyscrapers by a greedy developer. Mimmi is not pleased at the thought of losing the community's green spaces. Jacob and Mimmi decide to take a stand to stop the development. As it happens, they can only do it with the help of the talking dogs.

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