The Curious Savage

By John Patrick

When the elderly Mrs. Ethel P. Savage sets up a fund for crazy dreams, her step-children have her committed. Within the cloisters, Mrs. Savage meets the warm and delusional residents. Can Mrs. Savage prove to her greedy step-children that following your dreams doesn’t make you crazy?

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R. U. R.
By Karel Čapek
Translated by Paul Selver
Adapted by J.Spyder Isaacson

 A radio show style show, R.U.R is a story about artificial life, intelligence, and the ethical questions of man playing God. A factory makes artificial workers from synthetic organic matter, resulting in robots who are mistaken for humans, but have no original thoughts. Čapek’s work explores themes of genetic engineering, slavery, and human rights, igniting thoughts and conversations as relevant today as when it was first released.

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