The Fall Of The House Of Usher
A drama by Jack Neary
From the classic tale of Edgar Allan Poe
October 21 November 5

Poe’s classic tale is retold as a 1930’s detective story. What begins for Brookfield as a pleasant distraction from the hubbub of New York turns into a maelstrom of horror when he discovers his friend Usher’s secret intent and realizes that the lives of everyone in the house are in terrible danger. Told as a series of lightning-paced flashbacks as tough-as nails police detective Michael Shaughnessy questions Brookfield about what actually happened to cause the fire that destroyed the House of Usher, the play moves relentlessly to its terrifying, stunning conclusion.

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You Better Watch Out

A comedy By Don Hodgins
December 2 - December 17

It’s Christmas Eve at the Willow Inn. The hosts' Jenny and Tom are having Art – Jenny’s recently widowed father - to visit for the first time. There’s a snowstorm raging outside and three passing travelers are forced to seek refuge at the inn. One of these cheerful but mysterious strangers is Mr. Smith who claims to run a “delivery business”. Only the Inn’s handyperson Andy sees Mr. Smith for who he really is. Can the joy of Christmas along with the company he finds at the Inn bring Art out of the dark place he’s been in since

his wife passed?

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