In-person- Italian Intermezzo: music performed at the wedding of the Grand Duke of Tuscany in Florence in 1589

Seicento presents Italian intermedii or intermezzi of the late Renaissance! These musical interludes, which included theatrics and dance, were the precursors of early baroque opera in Italy and continued into the 17th century in the Italian arts Academies. They were traditionally performed between the acts of a play to celebrate weddings and other special occasions in Italian courts in cities such as Florence and Ferrara, and they offer a fascinating insight into the opulent world of the Italian courts around 1600. 

This performance is available both in-person on November 5th, 6th and 7th and virtually afterwards through a link on our website.

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Virtual Tickets for An Italian Intermezzo- receive the link 2 weeks after the in-person performances.

Viewing from home online: You will be sent a link to the recording of "Italian Intermezzo" within two weeks of our last performance. If several people are joining you to watch our performance, please consider an additional donation to Seicento! Click on the "Support" tab on our website: 

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