Live in Concert Jay Dupuis with the King Creole Orchestra

Returning to Historic St. John Theatre Saturday, December 14, 2019


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Coming of age in the River Parishes
The 60’s and 70’s marked a transformative period, politically, socially, technically, and musically. IMAGE 50, coming of age in the River Parishes, recreates that period in a narrative style with video , lights and live music. Each major event in that time period is presented through the perception of the youth of the era. Pictures and video from the area are weaved in with the music of the era, performed by IMAGE. The performance is accentuated with lighting effects created in the style of that period.
For those that experienced these events as teenagers and young adult, it is an emotional reunion with their formative years. For those who came after, it is a chronological history lesson of a time that sowed the seeds for decades to come.

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