Euripides' The Trojan Women-

The Trojan Women touches on darker, universal themes that can be seen in modern society. The story is influenced by the events of the Trojan War and its aftermath. It centers around the women and children survivors who are now hopelessly reduced to slavery and exploitation. Although written almost 2500 years ago, the play explores the darker nature of humanity created by unspeakable horrors of war and is still relevant to the events we see today.
Drama – Rated PG-13 – Adult themes
Directed by Johnny Winningham

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Clue - On Stage!-

Based upon the popular board game and adapted from the cult classic movie of the same name, Stageworks Northwest is pleased to present the Pacific Northwest debut of Clue on Stage. On a dark and stormy night, six iconic guests – each with an alias—plus a butler and a maid, and an odd assortment of potential weapons assemble for a dinner party at the home of Mr. Boddy. When their host turns up dead, it is clear that no one is safe! Soon the guests are racing to find the killer and keep the body count from stacking up. Clue is the comedy whodunit that will keep you guessing (and laughing) to the very end.
Comedy – Rated PG-13 - Adult humor and mild violence
Directed by Janeene Niemi

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Arsenic and Old Lace-

One of the most popular dark comedies ever written. Two sweet little old ladies take seemingly take pity on lonely old men, then murdering them with homemade elderberry wine laced with arsenic and have their slightly batty nephew — who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt — bury them in the cellar. Another nephew, Mortimer, who’s engaged to the minister’s daughter next door, learns of their enterprise just as third nephew, the evil Jonathan, decides to use their aunts’ home as a criminal hideout.
Dark Comedy – Rated PG-13 – Dark Humor
Directed by William Brauné

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