Strand Theater Company

Crocodile Fever, by Meghan Taylor
Directed by Tessara Morgan Farley
June 14-30, 2024

Northern Ireland, 1989. A farmhouse window smashes, and rebellious Fianna Devlin crashes back into the life of her pious sister Alannah. Together for the first time in years, when they're forced to confront their tyrannical father's hideous legacy, all hell breaks loose. Fueled by Taytos, gin, 80s tunes and a chainsaw, Meghan Tyler's surreal Crocodile Fever is a grotesque black comedy celebrating sisterhood whilst reminding us that the pressure cooker of The Troubles is closer than we imagine.

Note: This performance contains: strong language, references to domestic and sexual abuse, graphic violence, flashing lights, use of imitation theatrical firearms, sounds of firearms and explosives, fake blood and gore in abundance, smoke from fake cigarettes and tobacco, simulated excessive drinking of alcohol.
Not suitable for patrons younger than 13 years old. 

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