Strand Theater Company

The Cosby Satires

By Dr. Nae Phillips, Directed by Naelis Ervin!

Shows will run July 8 - 11th, 2021 IN THE THEATER under COVID-19 Protocols.


"Pudding (A Cosby Satire)"

When Pudding vows to lose his virginity ahead of his senior year of high school, his mother and sisters (and dad too) use role play to teach him about consensual sex.

"Virtue in A Different World"

While her family visits Hilltop College for Homecoming Weekend, Virtue finds herself overwhelmed with step practice, college life, and a woman’s right to choose.


Get ready, friends! This isn't your parents' Cosby Show! Touching on the important subjects of consent, a woman's right to choose, familial support, and education, Dr. Phillips has created characters based on pop culture and written progressive fables in her own unique and candid voice for a new generation of black artists. You won't want to miss it!

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