Driving Miss Daisy

Sept. 24, 25, 26 and Oct 1, 2, 3

Daisy Werthan, an elderly Jewish widow living in Atlanta, is determined to maintain her independence. However, when she crashes her car, her son, Boolie, arranges for her to have a chauffeur, an African-American driver named Hoke Colburn. Daisy and Hoke's relationship gets off to a rocky start, but they gradually form a close friendship over the years, one that transcends racial prejudices and social conventions.

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Moonlight and Magnolias -

Dec 3, 4, 6 and 10, 11, 12

It is 1939 in Hollywood. David O. Selznick has halted the filming of "Gone With the Wind," because the screenplay just isn't working.

To salvage his flailing epic, Selznick takes Victor Fleming off the set of "Wizard of Oz" and sends for the famed writer Ben Hecht. But, Hecht has not read Margaret Mitchell's best-selling novel.

No problem - Fleming and Selznick spend five days explaining the book, often acting out scenes, so that Hecht can rewrite the script.

Locked in Selznick's office with only bananas and peanuts to eat, the famous film gets written. But not without a few problems and lots of witty dialogue and a bit of hilarity.

From the New York Daily News

"Frankly, my dear, this is one funny play... A rip-roaring farce... With witty, pointed dialogue and hilarious situations..."

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