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When Melissa comes forward with the story of her sexual assault in grade 12, instead of support, she finds instead a fight against the school she loved, an administration she trusted, and classmates she valued. A story of healing, recovery, and most importantly color, Vibrant is a true story of the Calgary education system. Told from the perspective of a college age Melissa, this piece plays with colored paint and movement to ask the question: when the people in charge won't protect you, who will? The show is approximately an hour and will be a ticketed event. Content note: talk of sexual assault, use of colored smoke.

by Mikenzie Page
June 5-9, 7:00 pm
Pumphouse Park
Capacity: 30

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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the last human on earth is stranded in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a floating pile of refuse in the middle of the ocean. Amidst acid rain, suffocating smog, and the gradual disintegration of the trash beneath her feet, she tells her final tale, using improvised garbage puppets, and really, really bad poetry. Listen to her story in the back alley, next to a dumpster, and behold: the end of the world. Content note: strong language, very bad poetry

by Savanna Harvey
June 5-9, 7:00 pm
Meet at entrance of Pumphouse Theatre

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Performance Series: Fearless

Fearlessness is willingness, nothing more, nothing less. In this series, be confronted with one improv troupe willing to traverse the unknown and one theatre piece willing to expose the explicit. Be brave and go with them.

Imrpov: Alacrity
Jennifer Chevais
Chris Ford
Nelize Gignoux
Hector Guzman
Jennie Hansen
A.J. Kandy
Lyre L. Orcajada
Stephen Peasley
Zachary Page - Stage Manager

Theatre: The Problem with Snow
Playwright - Yousuf Liepert
Director - Kris Vanesso Teo
Stage Manager - Zachary Page

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Theatre Series: Helen

Written by Megan Couch
Directed by Madeleine Taylor-Gregg

Helen retells the myth of Helen of Troy. It chronicles her struggle to come to terms with the abuse inflicted on her by various men in her life, and with her role as the catalyst of the Trojan War. As she attempts to find agency in the fate imposed on her by the gods, she finds unexpected comfort and solidarity in the support of the prophetess Cassandra and a chorus of five female slaves. Helen explores ideas of agency, guilt, and fear, while asking us why we prioritize men’s stories over women’s, and what we miss when we do so. Content Warning: Sexual Content, Violent Content.

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Performance Series: Moxie

Focused, unwavering, grit. No this isn’t a truck commercial, this is two dance pieces and one improv troupe showcasing how humans transform their environments, with courage and and ambition.

Dance: Fight, Flight, Freeze
Choreographer - Amy M. Badry
Dancer - Travis Nguyen
Dancer - Zam Ramirez
Dancer - Justin Cancio

Dance: Filter
Choreographer - Sean Def
Dancer - Frankie Warren
Dancer - Lauren Brady
Dancer - Christahh Ahh

Improv: Rogue Vocals
Jon Jeffrey
Pol Suburiana
Natalie Johnstone
Miranda Bottocelli

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The Opposite

Between November 4, 2015 and February 29, 2016, Canada resettled more than 25,000 Syrian refugees, following the outbreak of civil war growing out of the 2011 Arab Spring protests. But what if war arrived much closer to home? What if Calgary became a warzone, and we were all forced to flee our homes and become refugees? Aldib, a Syrian theatre artist who now lives in Calgary, provokes audiences to ask these hard questions, and see the world as a refugee. This piece aims to help Canadians feel what it means to be a refugee, what it means to leave your country in a hard situation, to leave everything behind and start anew.

by Sleman Aldib
June 6-7, 7:00 & 9:30 pm
West Village Theatre

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Theatre Series: Breathe

Written by Sienna Holden / Directed by Conrad Belau

At its' core, Breathe is a story about family and relationships. It looks the affect that trauma and addiction have on the dynamics of a relationship and asks, does one moment define a life? Come on the journey with Sarah, a recovering addict, as she navigates trying to reconnect with her estranged fourteen year old daughter, Molly. With songs that will stay in your ears and a story that tugs at your heart, Breathe is not a show to miss!

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Performance Series: Into the Abyss

Abyss is the abstract, the immaterial, a void that can only be filled with imagination. Imagination is the basis of empathy. Go out of body, into the imaginative abyss, with one interdisciplinary and two dance performances that transfer the inner human into the outer abstract of a plant, a myth, a trauma.

Dance: El Duende
Choreographer - Jen Dunford
Musician - Sebastien Bolessa
Dancer - Charlotte Brown
Dancer - Aphra Sutherland

Kloee Huberdeau - Performer and Visual Artist
Mel Vee - Spoken Word

Dance: Botánico
Choreographer - Sabrina Comanescu
Dancer - Janelle Schiffner
Dancer - Cindy Ansah
Dancer - Stephanie Jurkova-Abaco
Dancer - Christahh Ahh
Dancer - Chenise Mitchell

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Theatre Seres: Funny Man (new play reading)
Directed by Rebecca Fauser
Written by Kodie Rollan

An up and comer in the stand up comedy world, Billy Evans goes from viral YouTube shorts to landing his own Netflix special. This piece explores the complex lives of stand up comedians and takes a look into what goes on behind the scenes, once the laughter has faded. 

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Theatre Series: Red Hints

Hello pals and chums, are you ready for another day of fun and learning? Well your old pals John and Red sure are, follow them as they look for the Red hints, learn from their friends, like Edger Egg, Charles Chair, Grumpy Gus, and Ballon Belle, and prepare for a very special day, just pray you are not a guest...

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Performance Series: X Marks The Spot

The search for treasure is often the search for salvation. Other kinds of treasures are also gamechangers: happiness, connection, consciousness. Join these two dance pieces and two interdisciplinary performances to find out what X marks which treasure. 

Dance: The Convoluted
Choreographer - Frankie Warren
Dancer - Hannah Isbister
Dancer - Shondra Cromwell-Krywulak
Dancer - Alyssa Maturino
Dancer - Melissa Fernanda Avila
Dancer - Waverly Spratt
Dancer - Emily Losier

Dance: Gathering Angles
Choreographer - Katharina Schier
Dancer - Angela Dale
Dancer - Christina Robertson
Dancer - Megan Muckle
Dancer - Alyssa Perron
Dancer - Alyssa Maturino
Dancer - Cindy Ansah

Interdisciplinary: The Stars
Jennifer LeBlanc - Physical Comedian/Clown/Theater Artist
Stacey Morgan - Designer

Interdisciplinary: Selling Happiness 
Kayla Craig - Film maker
Jordyn Wod - New Media Artist

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Performance Series: Bullseye

You're always trying to get there. But sometimes the best way to hit the mark is by trying something completely new. Watch one solo improv show and two interdisciplinary pieces reset the board and dig into different stories and different values in order to hit new centres.

Improv:  4 Chairs
Conner Christmas

Emily Losier - Dancer
Kimberly Ihekowoaba - Spoken word

Interdisciplinary: The story of the listener
Erika Low - Dancer
Sepidar Yeganeh Farid - Theater Artist

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HolyFRUIT! @ IGNITE! Festival

This is a pop-up performance event featuring artists with various stories and journeys; Queer, Trans, Non-binary, LGBTQIA2++, racialized and other voices that have been marginalized and/or fucked over by the world.

Anything goes! Strut your stuff! This night will celebrate the diversity of our community and honour the many voices that for various reasons lack outlets to be seen and heard. It will also be an evening of community connection and sharing of insight. This night will be a safe, inclusive space for the passionate artist to express themselves and for you to enjoy respectfully.

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Soak: Endurance Performance Creation

"It was a search for human generosity, a reflection on the vitality of natural resources (water), with speculation around the consequences of future water scarcity / pollution (water crisis)." Join the conversation as Matthew Hall unpacks an Endurance Performance Art journey titled SOAK. A provocation that is bound to make you thirsty.

by Matthew Hall
June 9, 8:15 pm
Pumphouse Park

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The IGNITE! Club Series 
A multi-disciplinary performance party // clashing together audience and artists in an exploratory, off-the-wall, never-before-seen, might-not-ever-be-seen-again: performance experiences.

Music, installations, one-on-one encounters, performance, movement, puppetry/mask, freakish, out of this world, interdisciplinary and the impossible that explode the idea of the LIVE. The clubs create a platform for adventurous and interesting work while enjoying a party.

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