YOU MY LOVE AT HOME AGAIN is a play with songs about Liria, a young woman who was once a wolf, and her mother-in-law Menna as they reach across barriers of language, fear, and pride to cope with an unthinkable loss. No longer fully a wolf and not really fully human, Liria must decide where she belongs: with Menna, a human who may never truly understand her? Or with the wolf pack that has been circling closer and closer and is howling at the door? The Open Space Residency will allow Devan to focus on the movement elements of the piece and give those intrinsic components the time they deserve.

Devan Wardrop-Saxton is a Portland-based playwright & songwriter originally from the City of Subdued Excitement (otherwise known as Bellingham, WA). Raised in the Pacific Northwest folk music community, she writes intimate, fantastical works that engage the full breadth of live performance’s imaginative possibilities to explore tensions of cross-cultural communication, personal identity, and what it means to belong to a community. A graduate of Lewis & Clark College’s Theatre and German programs, she is a grateful recipient of a 2018 artist residency at Hungary’s D’Clinic Studios and a proud associate artist of String House Theatre.

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A Banquet
​January 24th - February 22nd 2020
A theatrical exhibition by Samantha Van Der Merwe

More info to follow...

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The Antipodes by Annie Baker
April 17th - May 16th 2020

​The Antipodes is a play about people telling stories about telling stories.

​Critic’s Pick! “Endlessly fascinating […] in-all-ways-fabulous […] The Antipodes leaves you glowing with a wondering satisfaction. I mean the happy satiety that comes from being in the hands of a real right-brain/left-brain author who channels her ineffable instincts with a master artisan’s practical skills […] Ms. Baker has established herself as one of the freshest voices in American theater.” - The New York Times

​"An intensely vivid hypnotizing act disguised as a play." - Time Out New York

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