Made to Dance in Burning Buildings

by Anya Pearson, Directed by Jamie Rea

February 15th - March 16th 2019

Made to Dance in Burning Buildings is a fusion of poetry, theatre, and violent and visceral contemporary dance, which poses the question: how do we heal from trauma?

It's about Ava, a young black woman, who is raped by her boyfriend's friends while he watches; she develops PTSD as a result. Metaphorically, she fractures into five different women who each represent a different facet of her personality (Romance, Despair, Madness, Perseverance, and Missing You). Poetically, these women narrate her journey through PTSD while she, her first love, and her abusers explore through dance the trauma and the events leading up to it.

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BAD WORLD is a one-woman autobiographical coming-of-age musical influenced by jazz, folk, and musical theatre genres that features Kylie Jenifer Rose of Crave Theatre Company. Currently in development, this project has music and lyrics by Kylie Jenifer Rose and James Liptak and a book by Emilie Landmann.

Inspired by the “Me Too” movement, BAD WORLD explores a range of themes including solo travel, conservativism, feminism, and sexual assault.

Crave Theatre Company’s Open Space Residency at Shaking the Tree Theatre will culminate in a sitzprobe-style reading of BAD WORLD from March 22nd-24th, 2018 to gather audience feedback that will help to inform further development for a fully staged production in 2020.

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Escaped Alone 

by Caryl Churchill, Directed by Samantha Van Der Merwe

May 3rd - June 1st 2019

“I’m walking down the street and there’s a door in the fence open and inside there are three women I’ve seen before. Three old friends and a neighbour. A summer of afternoons in the backyard. Tea and catastrophe.”
Escaped Alone premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in 2016, in a production directed by James Macdonald.

"A menacing, joyous, brilliant return from the enigmatic Caryl Churchill." - Time Out London
CRITIC'S PICK! "The play’s combination of theatrical technique and untrammeled imagination, and of the personal and the universal, make you understand why Ms. Churchill is regarded by many (rightly, I think) as the most dazzlingly inventive living dramatist in the English language." - The New York Times

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General Admission: $30 
Senior (60 and up): $25 
Student: $10
Youth (21 and under): $10
Preview Special: $15

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