How the World Began by Catherine Trieschmann.

Begins Feb 12, 2015 

Religion and science collide in a visceral examination of the way in which we navigate interpersonal relationships involving seemingly irreconcilable beliefs—and just how hard it is to truly listen to one another in an increasingly polarized world. Looking to rebuild her fractured life, high school biology teacher Susan relocates from New York City to a small Kansas town reeling in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. Ready for more than a little culture shock, Susan finds herself unprepared for the firestorm that engulfs the town after she makes an off-hand comment about the origin of the universe.


The Braggart Soldier, or Major Blowhard by Plautus, adapted and directed by Evren Odcikin 

Begins Marrch 27th

Director Odcikin’s fast and furious mash-up of Plautus, translated by Deena Berg, proves (as if we didn’t know it) that Roman comedies never get old, they just get funnier!  If you’ve seen Sondheim’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, you already know that Plautus was a major influence for every possible style of comedy through the ages, as there’s still nothing more hysterical than the pompous and mighty taking it on chin.  The Braggart Soldier features the hijinks you’d expect and, in true Custom Made fashion, without a safety net!


Grey Gardens: The Musical

Based on a true story, Grey Gardens is a musical exploration of the American dream gone wrong and what it means to become a social pariah. It's also an exploration of women, the relationship between mothers and daughters, how love can turn into dependency, and how, in a society where women's roles and options are limited, particularly in the aristocratic class, the very things that make one exceptional could ultimately be what damns them to a life in decay and shadows.  Featuring an intimate, musical score that borrows as much from Stephen Sondheim as the eras in which it is set, Grey Gardens is the perfect chamber musical that will use the intimacy of Gough Street Playhouse to haunt as well as delight.

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