Adapted by Em Christie from the novel by Virginia Woolf

Staged Reading directed by Matthew Dryburgh

Performance: June 27th, 2024

Orlando wanders out of the mists of Virginia Woolf’s mind as a teenage heartthrob in the court of Elizabeth I. Never aging past thirty, Orlando lives many generations as a man on a search for meaning before magically becoming a woman, thus subjected to quite different standards. Virginia’s love for Orlando radiates as the two intertwine across centuries, through Orlando’s transitions, and into the present moment, embracing queerness in all its beauty, connecting this historical meditation on gender and sexuality to modern audiences. Adapted by Em Christie from the novel by Virginia Woolf.

Directed by Matthew Dryburgh

Virginia: Charlie Williamson
Orlando: LexX Francis
Featuring: Crystal Cossette Knight, Sewit Eskinder, Jacob Hartje, Scott Horvik, Clare Lynch, Pam Strait

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