Della makes cakes, not judgment calls. But when the girl she helped raise returns to North Carolina to get married, and the fiancé turns out to be a fiancée, Della’s life is turned upside down. She’s always dreamed of baking Jen’s wedding cake, but now – should she? How does she love unconditionally, when it just doesn’t sit right?

Directed by Monika Browne-Ecker

Della - Lori Horvik

Jen - Rachel Geinert

Macy - Sewit Eskinder

Tim - Scott Horvik

Goerge - Jacob Hartje

On June 4, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of a male Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a male same-sex couple, citing his religious beliefs and first amendment rights.

This decision followed years of similar interactions across the United States between bakers who refused to honor gay marriages and pairs who wanted to tie the knot. In The Cake, the couple are lesbian millennials and the baker is a middle-aged woman.

Six months ahead of their wedding, white, southern Jen brings her fiancée Macy to her hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina (the playwright’s hometown). Jen is an event planner and besotted bride who is so thrilled to be spending the money that her late mother earmarked for a traditional wedding that she disregards social reality. She decides that her mother’s best friend, the baker-owner of Della’s Sweets, who is a devout Christian, should make the wedding cake. Complications arise when Jen becomes distracted while shopping for the wedding and she gets to the bakeshop after her fiancée arrives. The Cake opens with Macy’s unannounced arrival at the quaint, old-fashioned bakery café, her urban edge and city-style a startling contrast to the pastel décor and hand-chalked blackboards advertising pink lemonade, carrot, and German chocolate cakes.

Find out what happens next in The Cake at Theatre B!

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