Talley's Folly

by Lanford Wilson


The Pulitzer Prize winning play about the unlikeliest of love stories. 

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, this classic American play takes place in a deserted boathouse in Lebanon, Missouri in 1944. Narrator and protagonist, Matt Friedman has come from St. Louis to profess his love to Sally Talley, an uncertain and shy “spinster” in her 30s. Matt, an older Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, has little more than an hour and a half to convince Sally, a Protestant from a conservative family, to run off with him and get married. Through it all, they must share their darkest secrets and most painful memories, but as Matt says, “This is the kind of romance that can only be found in the theatre.”

This activity is supported by the MICHIGAN ARTS AND CULTURE COUNCIL and CULTURE SOURCE.

December 1, 2023 - December 17, 2023 

Tickets $35

             $30 for Under 30/Over 65

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The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence

By Madeleine George


A painfully funny, time-traveling adventure of love, intimacy, and technology. 

This time-traveling love story follows three famous (and one not-so-famous) Watson's who discover how technology shapes our human relationships and how our identities can be completely dependent on people outside ourselves. Eliza, a genius robotics engineer is building the perfect intelligence, Watson, a super-computer that will one-day be famous for winning an episode of Jeopardy. Meanwhile, her husband Merrick, hires his IT guy, Watson, to spy on Eliza, who happens to be his ex-wife. Then, in 1889, Eliza seeks the help of famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, but only finds his trusty assistant, Watson, who agrees to take her case. Progressing to 1876, Watson, Alexander Graham Bell’s loyal laboratory assistant agrees to be interviewed about his experience with the inventor of the telephone. Zipping back and forth through time and Watsons, this funny, moving, and brilliant play will leave both your head and your heart spinning.

April 5, 2024 - April 21, 2024 

Tickets $35

            $30 for Under 30/Over 65

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It's Only Life: A New Musical Revue

A powerful and uplifting musical about longing, fulfillment, loss, triumph and ultimately wisdom

John Bucchino’s songs have been performed by solo artists including Art Garfunkle, Liza Minnelli, Patti LuPone, Kristin Chenoweth, and Audra McDonald, as well as The Boston Pops, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. His musicals include A Catered Affair, Urban Myths, Lavender Girl, and the animated film, Joseph, King of Dreams.

Winner of the Los Angeles Ovation Award (Book/Lyrics/Music for an original musical), It's Only Life explores the themes of life, longing, fear, fulfillment, and personal growth, this intimate musical experience is a celebration of the magic of living and may even have you humming its catchy tunes all the way home.

July 12, 2024 - July 28, 2024 

Tickets $45

            $40 for Under 30/Over 65

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