By Sam Shepard

Directed by Caleb Stern '19

Friday February 22 at 7pm. The Williston Theatre

A surreal, naturalistic story, Sam Shepard’s True West tells the story of two brothers. When Lee abruptly appears on the doorstep of his mother’s house, Austin, caring for the home, has no choice but to let him in. Over the course of several nights, tension between the brothers mounts as they clash over their rival views of Austin’s career and lifestyle. Shepard uses this simple conflict to discuss the nature of art, the disappearance of the Frontier, and the legacies parents leave their children. 

True West runs 80 minutes with one ten-minute intermission. 

Please join the cast and crew for a talk-back following the performance.

To learn more about Caleb's production of True West, please visit his website

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By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Maddie Elsea '19

Saturday February 23 at 7pm. The Williston Theatre

Written by playwright Sarah Ruhl, Eurydice tells the Greek myth of Orpheus and Erydice from Eurydice's perspective. After dying on her wedding day, Ruhl tells of Eurydice's journey to the Underworld, reuniting with her father and rediscovering, piece by piece, her past life. Meanwhile, Orpheus comes closer and closer to finding his wife and bringing her home. Ruhl utilizes abstract imagery and wacky characters in the context of a classic myth to create a truly unique, beautiful story.

Eurydice runs 70 minutes with no intermission. 

Please join the cast and crew for a talk-back following the performance. 

For more information about Maddie's production of Eurydice, please visit her website

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