Artistic Movement 2023 Recital    I Am...

 "I Am..." is an exploration of the range of emotions that come together to make one perfectly imperfect human. You will see dance performances embodying feelings of fear, love, hope, calm, anger, brave, silly and more!

Director Christina Canella

June 10, 2023



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Standing Room Only

Six funny playlets about Thomas Hischak

Produced by Ted McLauchlin

Saturday June 17, 2023


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The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

Skyler is about to turn 12, and she’s planned the biggest celebration of the year. But in the middle of the party, something mysterious happens – all the adults suddenly vanish! Trapped in the backyard, the kids realize they must create a brand new society. However when they elect Skyler’s older brother, Charlie, as their ruler, things really begin to spin out of control. Eventually the kids learn a big lesson in responsibility, while Skyler and Charlie develop a greater respect for one another.

Director Sydney Brockway

Choreographer Bailey Thibodeau

August 24 7pm

August 25 11am

August 25 7pm

August 26 2pm

August 26 7pm

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