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Book and Lyrics by Sandy Rustin
Music and Lyrics by Dan Lipton & David Rossmer

Director/Choreographer: Jerry Zimmerman

Rated P for Parenthood chronicles every stage of modern-day parenting, from conception to college, with giant doses of heart and humor. A versatile cast takes the audience through the ups and downs of having kids – from the sublime to the ridiculous – in a series of comic and musical vignettes. Hilarious, fresh, and decidedly irreverent, Rated P provides all the wistful joy of childrearing…at a fraction of the cost of braces!

Presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing

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By Paul Elliot

Director: Stan Lippi

When the biggest highlight in your life for the past 30 years has been your weekly bridge night out with the "girls," what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies? If you're Connie, Leona and Millie, three southern ladies from Birmingham, you do the most daring thing you've ever done. You "borrow" the ashes from the funeral home for one last card game, and get involved with the wildest, most exciting night of your lives.

Presented by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing

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By James Goldman

Director: Sarah Glover Crawford

“Well – what shall we hang? The holly or each other?” Set during Christmas 1183, The Lion in Winter tells the wickedly amusing tale of King Henry II, his imprisoned queen (released only for the holiday), and their three entitled sons who vie for the throne in a double-dealing division of the kingdom.

Presented by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals

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Book & Lyrics: Bruce Joel Rubin
Music & Lyrics: Dave Stewart & Glen Ballard

Director: Chad Kraner
Love transcends the boundaries of life itself to grow stronger and more fully realized. After his untimely death, Sam is trapped between two worlds and refuses to leave Molly when he learns she is in grave danger. He turns to a storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, to communicate with Molly and avenge his death. Adapted from the hit film, this show builds comedy, suspense, and deeply felt emotion to an ethereal climax.

Presented by special arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide

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