ON SALE MAY 10th at 12pm 

There is 4 Ticket/per family limit until May 24th. Orders over the limit will be canceled by the office and you will be contacted that you must reorder.

Thank you for your consideration.

SHOWCASE 2016 TICKETS will go on sale:

MAY 10th at 12pm

Each Rock West Family may purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets/per family/per showcase that their dancer(s) are performaning. Orders that do not Adhere to the 4 ticket limit will be canceled and you will lose your seats and will have to reorder.

The 4 ticket limit is to ensure that all our dancers will have someone in the audience to see them perform. Please be considerate and only order as many as you need up to 4 tickets.

You may purchase additional seats beginning May 24th. Please let grandparents, aunts and uncles know that they can go on to purchase beginning May 24th if they are not part of the initial 4 ticket limit.

**Wheelchair locations are for wheelchair bound and physically handicapped patrons ONLY.  Management reserves the right to remove physically able persons in these locations.

Thank you for your consideration!