Legally Blonde

July 12 - 27

Fabulously perky Elle Woods, a fashion-savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when she is dumped by her boyfriend Warner. In an effort to prove that she is more than just some blonde sorority girl, she follows him to Harvard Law, where she struggles to find her place among her peers, her professors, and the ex who ditched her. Ultimately, she defies expectations by staying true to her delightfully pink personality.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Some sexual references and salty language.  Based on a film rated PG13.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

September 13 - 21

Jack, his best friend, Otis, and the neighborhood kids are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they take on the Giant that is terrorizing their village, kicking their pumpkins, and generally wreaking havoc near and far. See what happens when Jack decides to do something about all the shenanigans.

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Beauty and the Beast

November 22 - December 8

Based on the smash hit 1991 Disney animated feature and dating back to a late 18th-century classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who feels out of place in her provincial French village. When her father is imprisoned in a mysterious castle, Belle’s attempt to rescue him leads to her capture by the Beast, a grisly and fearsome monster, who was long ago trapped in his gruesome form by an enchantress. The only way for the Beast to become human once again is if he learns to love and be loved in return. There is a time limit, too: once a magical rose loses all of its petals, all hope will be lost and he will stay a Beast forever. The Beast’s enchanted household--populated by such beloved characters as Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip--watch anxiously as Belle and the Beast grow to understand and befriend one another. Their feelings grow ever deeper as the clock ticks and petals continue to fall off the enchanted rose--will they confess their love for one another before it is too late?

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Seussified Christmas Carol

December 18 - 22

A whimsical reinvention of Dickens' most beloved Christmas story in wacky rhymed couplets. With zoot fruited juices and binka bird geese, from Bed-Headed Fred to Timmy Loo Hoo, this tale of glorious holiday cheer is similar to something Dr. Seuss might have come up with -- if he ever had his way with the story.

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