The Outrageous Adventures of Sheldon and Mrs Levine

Written by Julie Stein & Sam Bobrick

Directed by Tony Davison

Just in time for Mother’s Day is the exchange of outrageous and hilarious letters between an overbearing mother and her 31 year-old runaway son. In this love/hate relationship, Sheldon blames his mother, Mrs. Levine, for breaking up his marriage and ruining his life. His mother can't understand why something so trivial should bother him.

Share in the angst, the aggravation, the madness, and the mail of two people, who although thousands of miles apart, are still too close to each other for their own good.

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April 29 30 May 1 , 7, 8. 730 PM

May 9. 2pm

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Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage

By Ken Davenport & Sarah Saltzberg

Directed by Kristy Meanor

Let Miss Abigail take you back to a simpler time, before booty calls and speed-dating, back when the divorce rate wasn’t 50% and when "fidelity" was more than an investment firm! It’s Loveline meets Dr. Ruth as Miss Abigail shares her vast knowledge of every piece of relationship literature known to mankind. The audience participates in this hilarious variety show, and Miss Abigail’s strapping young assistant is there to provide for her every need. This smash Off-Broadway hit will keep you laughing all night long— that’s the Miss Abigail guarantee!

Space is limited get your tickets before they are gone!

May 27,28, June 3 4 5 @730pm

June 6. 2pm

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